Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What An Event!
David Banner, Bun B, Z-Ro, Da COD, Brooks City, DJ Knowledge, Hella Yella, 2 Gunz UP & More!!!!

Word to Rozone (though many of us are wondering just who the hell is Rozone? They pretty much just BURST up on to the scene last night) But man, straight up, word to them. They brought the city not only a great line up of artists, but a quality show with full on production and real, genuine, insane lights. I'm saying man, they upped the bar on boys for real.

This was not some whirlwind money grab, like it is so many times when these artists come through town. This was an investment in the city mayne, I am serious, you could tell just from watching the show. These dudes are seriously upping the bar on boys. The $37 ticket was way worth it. Next time some MF tries to charge you $35 for a Z-Ro show with one shitty mic and a midget holding a flashlight in the corner of the stage, and thinks they put on an event, show 'em these pictures. And snatch your money back out the fools hands.

lol, lmao, rofl, know'm sayin'?

Anyway, David Banner knows how to get a club crunk. Dude did well over an hour and ran, did back flips, climbed the balcony, walked the ledge of the balcony like a tight rope, jumped OFF the balcony for real, crowd surfed to "Smells Like Teen Spirit" for some reason right off the bat, um, dude killed it.

Bun was in fine form as well. After seeing him with Orgone, it's kind of hard to see him go back to a track show. I honestly am to the point of not being able to accept track shows anymore to be real with you, from anyone, but like dude, he once again had that fire on stage and he literally ripped it for an hour. I don't know where that expanded set came from but I appreciated it. He is really upping the ante on boys show wise. Now he needs to get a DJ cuz fuck a track show. But he's still one of the best in this game. But yeah, lets find Orgone some monies and move 'em to Texas (Bun B and Orgone Live at The Metro in Chicago Tuesday, NEXT TUESDAY Dec. 16th. Ya Mo Be Thurr.)

Z-Ro is a God amongst men, especially when he comes to this town. He is wholeheartedly revered, as he should be. He's made som eo fthe best rap records to ever come from the south, and a lot of them. He's the man, he's the boss, but um, he had his vocals on his show CD up extremely loud and they almost drowned out his voice for real. Like, he came out 1 deep so I'll forgive him for ad libs and such, but hearing the entire vocal track behind him just got old and annoying as fuck so I went out to the balcony to kill the pain.

I mean he killed it, people loved him, but I mean, come on man, lose the vocal track, and yes, get a DJ AT LEAST! Seriously, I'm not having these lip synched ass track shows in my life anymore, I'm too old for this shit.

South Austin Representers Da C.O.D. came out and SERIOUSLY KILLED IT! It was the best set I have seen from an Austin group in a long time. That's one thing I always say about austin rappers, they generally have some sort of a show. Most of the rappers here at least try when they get on stage. I talked to Mr. Greezo on Monday night and have to say that I smiled real wide when he told me he had to get off the phone and go to rehearsal. I was like "Oh hell yes, my dudes are actually rehearsing." You know how many rappers NEVER rehearse? Makes me fuckin' sick.

But Da C.O.D. didn't make me sick, they looked like big stars up there. I'm serious, they came out and repped it and wrecked it the way it's supposed to be wrecked and repped. They came out and had different levels of their show, had extreme energy, just fucking killed it non stop for like 20 minutes.

Killin' it.

AND THEY BROUGHT OUT GARY CLARK JR. ON GUITAR! What a surprise. Hellafied show. You can see Gary Clark Jr. and Bavu Blakes live at Antone's Dec. 27th!

What a fuckin' trip.

DJ Knowledge and Hella Yella held it down the whole night. Will Hustle hosted and kept people crunk. But thing is, there wasn't a lot of time between sets. The show flowed like rain, I mean snow, and I'm serious, it was so refreshing!


After the show I got three CD's and an oil change from dude.


There's the man.

Straight killin' it.

I'ma tell you man. If nothing else, Banner has totally made sure that he will NEVER, EVER have to open up for anyone ever again. You wanna go on after Banner? That's your biz.

No amount of rehearsals could get you to this mans level. He's possessed by this music, I am convinced of it.

I mean dude covered every inch of that venue.

And he had a DJ.

I mean he was all over this place, AND JUMPED FROM THE BALCONY!

Dude should teach a class.

Anyway! THEN I drove home at like midnight and it was SNOWING! (O.K. Sleeting maybe, but it was white, it was sort of fluttering down, and there's white stuff on my roof and on my car.

Yeah I mean, I don't know why I was taking photos while driving home in the sleet after an event.

But I did.

For you.

Cuz you wouldn't have believed me if I would have just told you.

It went down. See you next week Chicago!


Anonymous said...

DJs are definitely better than tracks. That's all I'll say.

lalaparky said...

What an awesome night!

Victoria said...

it sure looked fun... and yet another eventful night spoiled by school. very funny how you ripped that boy Ro... Give em' a break (lol)

Pushermania said...

I didn't rip him! I just said no more track shows man. I can't even deal with that shit. At all. I'm old!

Lars Vaular said...

I feel you on that one. When we were in texas we were amazed by the amount of "playback" concerts. And I'm not as old as you (lol), but I'm tired of tracks.

I went and got myself a band.

Anonymous said...

that looked fun!!!!

I bet Z-Ro was sweating lmao damn he was covered up tho

EMVEE said...

I remember you posted something on TSS a while ago about rappers using cds for live sets.. I couldn't agree with you more - it leaves fans feeling ripped off.

Too many artists these days don't perform with a dj, but at least they could have their instros on a disc without the vocals.

Dope flix - killer line up... Banner/Bun B and Z Ro in the same building..DAMN!