Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Crew 54 Reality Show - 4 Elements Event Footage

Word to Proper Ent.

this is the type of show I like to watch. I shoulda went down there Saturday night, but um yeah, I find it hard to leave the work/house in the weeks leading up to SXSW. Will I see you in my city in 2 weeks?

Yeah man, SXSW music starts TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY! I'll be posting an updated hip-hop schedule tonight. And we will have 5,000 flyers by end of the week. Wanna help pass some out?

ALSO CHECK OUT THE BAVU BLAKES MY SACRIFICE VIDEO!!!! At the end of the above video.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. It was a good night no doubt. In the words of Sloke 1, "it reminded me of the ole ATX."

Unknown said...

Dope, I'm gonna be showcasin at SXSW on the 19th at Back Alley Social. I emailed you my new single for your podcast. Keen to link up with anyone who's down over there, as I know noone in the U.S.

here's my new vid:

Peep it, it might make you wanna come to the showcase :P


Anonymous said...

Missed that show too. Same thing, I am gearing up for SXSW. Hit me up I am a local, live off rundberg-yikes! I can pass out flyers for ya cause I still go downtown like I'm eighteen. email-

Keep up the good work.