Monday, October 31, 2011

Pray for Rob Quest

You probably know Rob Quest as 1/3rd of the Odd Squad or maybe as the blind dude who is often on stage with Devin the Dude. I know him as both of those and also as a great friend for 20 years (literally). He's a great man and an immense talent and while underrated there is no doubt in my mind that his production skills helped shape the Houston sound and honestly the whole sound of the south. His jazzy funk laden straight up down south beats were always some of my favorites. Listen to the Odd Squad record and everything that came after it and tell me what you think. The man is a legend.

He's been battling liver problems for a long time now and it seems to be taking its toll on him for real right now. He's in the hospital and in a coma, and word is he opened his eyes a bit today, so we have hope. I have heard that he needs a liver and maybe even a kidney replaced, so man, this is something really serious.

Keep the man in your prayers and maybe go help out a bit by buying some of his music on Itunes, search Rob Quest. You won't be sorry. His solo work is amazing and highly slept on.

Pray for the man Rob Quest. My Coughee Brotha.

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