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A3C 2012 Really Went Down!

Last year when I went to the A3C Festival for the first time, I said to myself, man I am NEVER going to miss and A3C ever again. Well I'm 2 for two right now, and don't plan to ever, ever, ever miss me an A3C EVAR! These folks in ATL put together one of the most fun events ever in the history of music, and it's ALL HIP HOP and its all LOVE. Not kidding.

Lucky me got a 6am flight on Southwest airlines and caught the special exit row with the super extra leg room which set off a perfect weekend. Start to finish. Perfect.
Took the MARTA train to the Melia Hotel and looked out over Atlanta and said to myself, ahhhh it's good to be back. Now lets hit the gas station at 9am and get some Yuenglings for the room. You see, they don't sell Yuengling west of the Mississippi, so I go and get me some anytime its available.

I had no idea that I could fit 12 cans of Yuengling ina hotel garbage can, complete with ice like this so comfortably, but I do know this lil tidbit of info now. Wow.

First thing I saw on arrival was these fools selling bootleg A3C Shirts on the streets for $5. Soon as I saw Lil Kekes name on the back, I had to have one.

These are the kinds of scenes you run into every step you take at A3C. Here's Doughbeezy, Dante Ross and DJ Burnone just out on the street.

West coast future legends Chuuwee and Dillon!

My brother for many many years DJ COZMOS!

My panel was about how to get the most out of festivals and conferences but at one point I had to literally yell about sexism in the music biz. Whatever. Shit happens on panels with drunk moderators.

People like this are just sometimes like just hanging out casually at A3C, Pos and Dante Ross!

Oh yeah also women come to the A3C, which is a nice thing for hip hop events. 2012 > 1994

My cousins bout to cause a ruckus

Pos told me I had to check out the Mood Doctors, definitely loving thier cd.

Two of my favorite women in music HANDS DOWN! Nati Conrazon and Eternia! THIS IS SOME FAM RIGHT HERE REAL TALK!

Lowkey from You Heard It Knew was kind enough to host the Texas showcase I put together with my brother Llayal from 24HrGrind. and um yeah I mean suffice it to say IT REALLY WENT DOWN!

Propain opened it up and DESTROYED! Dude is so dope.

Kab Da Don came out for a surprise set and really set the Texas tone. He's like a 2012 Big Pokey who will beat your ass with his voice.

In a Chilltee lol

Dex Owusu came out and slayed as well. He's from Ghana but born in Dallas and is basically all over the place

Super dope MC

Roosh WIlliams killed it too man. He done took two massive shots of Ciroc before his set on stage and still wrecked. Why do people like Ciroc so much? Isn't it like the Fruity Pebbles of Vodka? I dunno.

Ipod Ammo held down half of TExas at the A3C including me REAL TALK!

A.Dd+ showed this world why they really are one of the best groups to ever do it. Real talk they have the most fun show ever hands down.

And are hellafied songwriters.

Also Dancers

It really went down

THE LEGEND Lil Keke came down and came through and did a set of all his hits except "Southside"

So I yelled LOUDLY at him, "WHAT? NO SOUTHSIDE?" And Go DJ JB found the track and put it on and Keke came out and did it as an encore and half the crowd danced the southside and did it well and 80% of the crowd rapped along to every word. #classic

That boy Killa Kyleon SMASHED IT!
Later for that tho...


The League of Extraordinary G'z are the best rappers out right now and have the most rockin' show. Its ridic mayne.

Boys just slayed em all.

It's been one year since our brother Esbe da 6th Street Bully passed away. A3C 2011 was his last show man. And this here is his nephew DoWrong, very obviously channeling the nergy of his late uncle. GREAT MEN REAL TALK WE LOVE YOU ESBE and you too Lil Bully. Keep this mans ENERGY flowing through the earth because we need it.

Trakksounds in the crowd. Major major major producer

Couple Texas Girls in the place

One of my favorite Texas girls hands down SABINA in the spot!

Esbe Jr mayne


Killa Kyleon straight wrecked hard.

His set started like 10 minutes late and I think he annoyed the group that was supposed to go on after him. I don't remember the name of the group but they were like, influenced by Odd Future, lol.
And wasn't anybody bout to say shit to that man right there!

It was just nuts

Worldwide and his Queen Shelly in the place!

This 8 year old DJ Face is killing it. Amazing skills. Scratching, mixing, classics, really, he wins.

Worldwide and Propain need to do a song SOON!


Sean Beezy in the place!

She is hip-hop

Why fish angle lense make me look even more like a behemoth. Here I am with Snow da Product and David Gaona. Two of my favorites hands down!

Statik Selectah!

This is also what hip hop looks like.

DJ Jelly in the place!

Doughbeezy, on the media

Doughbeezy meets Wendy Day. Wendy Day says I should be on NPR doing a national hip hop music show, since hip hop is American music and I tend to cover a wide spectrum of it. She made me feel super good. Thanks mom.

Dudes with Wordsworth, Wendy Day and Evil Dee #POWER

That girl Dove and Snow tha Product!

Red Bull always has the best toys.

My girl Lana with the A3C EXXXXCLUSIVE earrings!

My sister Fiona Bloom with J. Dilla's uncle!

HOUSTONS OWN DJ READY CEE. Y'all may not know what I'm talm bout, but I do.

My ride or die potnas on this particular excursion Gloria and Edica. Maaaaaan hold up! Lets go back and get some fried green beans I KNOW YA FILL DAT!

DJ Hurricane um...

Has a new white rappin' protege....

This man could light up a continent MY BROTHER FORT KNOX!

My man from Canada DO!

Again my sis Eternia

THE KING OF CANADIAN RAP HANDS DOWN RICH KIDD! WHo gets more respect than him north of the border? No one. He has BEATS and RHYMES!

Blake Carrington in the place!

JD Era is another Canadian legend!

I think this girl was called Revelry, I will edit to fix this if wrong

But she is from Den Haag, in The Netherlands and KILLED IT! Super energy. and super fun. Word to Henca


Dude from London

Dudes from SINGAPORE

And of course my FAM LOS RAKAS!

Brought the house down!


Trae tha Truth was in the place for a few shows. One of his own and a buncha features. Got to catch him with Nipsey Hussle. So dope. What a mob scene!


Fred the Godson and Trae

Bizarre, Fred the Godson, Nipsey and Trae

Doughbeezy opened up the Red Bull Soundstage and had one of the strongest shows of the night.

K-Paul and Michael Watts in the house!

RayDawn from Pittsburgh!

Kydd and Cory Kendrix and Pacboi Tank along with DJ Charlie REPPED AUSTIN TO THE FOOLEST!

I'll tell you later how I had to run on stage and stop the stage manager from cutting the show short, later, lolllllllllll tho

This is th ecover of DOughbeezys next mixtape real talk

Worldwide put on one of the strongest shows I've ever seen him do, one deep on the mix with King Mike on the tables.

King Mike

Anyway the whole time was super dope and then at the end of the night I was out front contemplating walking back to the hotel or grabbing a taxi, and Fiona Bloom introduces me to....

MONIE LOVE! Monie Love is one of my favorite rappers from the golden era. I had a major crush back in those days and saw her perform a bunch of times. Even saw her rock the stage like 8 months pregnant. It was cool as hell to me. Super strong women like her and Queen Latifah helped form my worldly view of this hip hop shit and for that I am forever grateful. And I am stoked we got this picture. Cuz its real. Unbelievable. I rarely get geeked out to meet rappers. In fact I avoid most of them, lol. Monie is DIFFERENT.

Then even crazier, I got back to the hotel and wanted some food so the Herman Cain pizza spot was still open so I went down to get some chicken fingers. I had a Paris T Shirt on and a dude asked me about it and we got to talking and he said he was from Pittsburgh and then he introduced me to this dude Beedie from Pittsburgh. Well mygood friend from my hometown Iggy told me I had to see Beedie while I was down there, but I didn't, until literally the eleventh hour. 2:30 am in a pizza joint. So we snapped this picture and exchanged info. His music is dope too! So there you have it. Things come fool circle, alwaze.

And then someone spilled their bottle of Red Hot Sauce. Good Night World.

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