Thursday, December 13, 2012

Next week in Houston TEXAS

And Ya, Mo, Be, Thurr. Friday Dec. 21st. Aka the day the Mayans had us all trippin' like Y2K.

If you have never been to a 3Style you are in for a real treat with this one. The brotherman A-Trak will be in the place alongside one of my favorite DJ's/Musicmakers on the planet Toy Selectah from Monterrey, Mexico and Trap Gawd R.L. Grimes. I don't really know what Trap is cuz I only hang around with people who listen to Screw music and avante garde jazz, but I heard its somewhere along those lines anyway but a little bit faster and you drink a few of them Red Bulls and vodkas and you will rilly fill dat. SO I AM HYPE!

FourColorZack will be in the Big City repping the U-S-A, Nedu Lopez will be wrecking the Brazilian Stylez, and DJ Drummer is coming down and coming through from CHILE aka THA BOTTOM! Seriously this is genuinely MASSIVE! So stoked.

If you don't know (fool disclosure) I (Pushermania Independent Productions Promotions Procurements and Positive Positioning) am working with Red Bull on their new Sound Select Music Program. I plan to make a huge announcement and tell you all about it, at the top of 2013. But seriously, after years of doing cool events with Red Bull (they are one company who have always, 100% kept it TRILL with me and I am not exaggerating) I am now working closely with them. Still an indie contractor dude in them streets but very much up in the mix for this new program that is gonna straight change the game for real. And if not change it, enhance it, which is what I am and have always been about. Pretty stoked right now.

So anyway this event right here will be a bit of a celebration for me in that H-Town with all my H-Town peeps. I better see all of you out there on the 21st. The world isn't going to blow up, don't even trip. We aren't gonna be let off that easy TRUST ME!

HIT THE SITE RIGHT HERE FOR ALL THE INFO YOU NEED! TICKETS ARE $10 AT THE DOOR. It's 18+ and it starts at 9pm at Stereo Live, 6400 Richmond Ave. I once saw De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest and Souls of Mischief in this club way back in the gap ALSO A FEW DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS in 1993. I am not kidding. This is all kinda surreal for me. Which is how I like to keep it. Real, yet also, surreal. Come kick it with your boy we have a lot to celebrate here. Holidaze. New beginnings. Extremely jammin' music. And also THE FUTURE. I swear, the Mayans are wrong, don't hide under your table all night anyway. Even if the world does go swinging out of orbit, we may as well be partying. Right? Right. See you soon H-Tizzle folk. I bet half of Austin will be in this Thang as well. #RB3STYLE

See below for a little taste of what you are in for. EXCLUSIVE WINNING SETS FROM THE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD WHO WILL BE IN THAT H-TOWN!

Red Bull Thre3Style 2012 World Champ: Four Color Zack (USA/World champ)

Red Bull Thre3Style 2012 Runner Up: Nedu Lopez (Brazil)

Red Bull Thre3Style 2012 Third Place: DJ Drummer (Chile)


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