Sunday, February 10, 2008

From HoustonSoReal

And real talk, the people really came out for him, and of course Pimp.

I ran out the back door at work round about 3:30 and hit the road to Houston. I expected the show to be big, but when I called Jeff Messina and he told me that the show had pre-sold more tickets than any hip-hop show ever at Warehouse Live, I knew shit was gonna get crazy.

Bun was in fine form. After short sets from a nice slice of the UGK Family - Cory Mo, MDDL FNGZ, Hezeleo, 17, etc - Bun B BLASTED onto a crowded stage and proceeded to rip through what seemed like every hit and feature he ever did in the past 15 years.

It's crazy cuz when you see the scene on stage (literally 250 people up there behind Bun) you'd think it would have been total chaos, but it wasn't. Everyone up there was there to hold down Bun, not just to be seen. Most of the folks up there were some of Houston's biggest and best artists, and I think every one of them got on the mic at one point or another.

The people really got their moneys worth. Trust.

Mama Wes - Pimp C's mother - was in the house. I can't imagine how she must feel, cuz while I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this show, one thing I kept thinking, and honestly getting a little angry about (I can't help this) was "Man, what if Pimp was up here on this stage too?"

It's still a mystery to me as to why UGK did so few shows. It's a moot point now and I am happy to say that I am one of the few people who got to see them multiple times. I should do a post someday about all the times I went to see UGK over the years. Like the time they played TSU in 1994 with Brand Nubian, The Odd Squad and Seeds of Soul. Or like when I went to see them in Baytown but the parking lot got shot up before the show could ever begin and I ended up ducking down the side of a bayou wall to keep out of range of all the bullets. That was probably 1993 or so.

Bandit of MDDL FNGZ

Know'm talm bout?

E Rock of the 5th Ward Boyz has a new project on the way, seen here with Z-RO!

ESG got up and freestyled and did Swang and Bang.

Slim Thug came out and killed it. They actually were a really great duo on that stage.

As evidenced by these photos

Kid Styles and GU

Chris Ward and Kyleon

Julia Beverly of Ozone Magazine in the house

Mike Jones came out and ripped it as well

Super photographer Jack Thompson in the house!

Zin and Melesa

Allison Pember - one of the founders of Flavor Magazine, now with Microsoft Zune. Is Bun B gonna teach you how to use your Zune Player? Stay tuned.

DEZ! Check this y'all. Dez - one of our local graf/design legends - designed a new bottle for Mountain Dew. Reception happening for the man Feb. 20th, location TBA.

But here's the info. No, this blog IS NOT brought to you by Mountain Dew, but I'm proud of the man so lets take this quick pause for his cause. You don't have to like it, but you gotta respect it. (It's like Pimp C is speaking through me now! I say that a lot these days.)

Honestly the commercial is pretty bad ass. Hats off to the man DEZ!

Now back to our program.

Brother J from X-CLAN WAS IN THE HOUSE! He's recording the new X-Clan album in Houston right now with my man Zin.

Gangsta Legends Willie D and Z-Ro


Oakclif gets the thowededed shirt award!


TJ Chapman

Wille D, C-Lean and Friends

MC Beauty

Mama and Big Monsta!

KB da Kidnappa



Cory Mo and Friend


J. Prince and his son with International Red in the back

KG Mosely and Friend

Coughee Brotha KB!

E-Rock and Jugg Mugg


This is a photo of Pimp C, DJ Screw and someone else. Can't see it all that well.

But I tried

And then these dudes

Stopped traffic.

Whew, what a night. The vibes were so right, the energy was electric, the sound was flawless, the flow was uninterrupted by any bullshit. It just went perfect and I hope Bun takes this show on the road. You should too.

Ever wonder why when Houston was at its peak there was never a Houston tour? I bet some of the big head motherfuckers who fucked that up two years ago would love to go do that now. Watch.

Anyway, Rest in Peace Pimp C. I don't personally believe the coroners report. I don't believe in Hollywood. I don't believe a lot of the shit that happens in this world. All I can say at this point is Rest in Peace Pimp, and Bun, I wanna watch you walk across that stage at the Grammy's tonight - hopefully early in the show so I don't have to watch all that other bullshit. But I already know how they do. Do they even show the rap award? I'll be watching.

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AaronQ said...

Maaaayne... that looked just crazy.

Even crazier was reading the NY Times Arts section this mornin online today n seeing a piece about it...

I was like WHOA...