Tuesday, February 5, 2008

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If yer not afraid to work

peep the real...

Anyone still interested in volunteering for SXSW needs to log on to sxsw.com/volunteer and fill out the online application.

What I am looking for is people WHO LIVE IN THE AUSTIN AREA to work stage crew and anyone wanting to work stage crew can contact me (james@sxsw.com). If they want to volunteer but are interested in other volunteer positions besides stage crew they can email volintern@sxsw.com for available crews.

Stage crew volunteers are assigned to one of the SXSW Music Festival venues, and will work in the same venue each night. The stage crew assists performers in loading equipment on and off the stage during set changes; communicates pertinent information to artists, stage managers and staff; and surveys the venue for problems.

This position requires no specific knowledge - just patience and the willingness to work hard and have fun. A team-oriented attitude and the ability to work well with all types of people are essential. At minimum, two meetings will be required of each crew member prior to the festival. One meeting will be a walk-through of the assigned venue.


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