Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Music You Need To Hear
Shows You Need To See
Mo' Family Time

I'm goin for it. I'm going to be the best blogger ever. I'm really going for it.

Mr. Blogger Supreme - The Reality Game Show - Coming Soon (Word to Byata).

Anyway, this is a record you need. Came out today and I jammed it 12 times already.

PPT outta Dallas, DENGLISH. Seriously, it's a truly unique body of hip hop work.

And of course.

Bavu Blakes - Extra Plair - This is what I'm jammin'.

You can hear more of what I'm jammin' early Thursday morning and every week from here on out as tomorrow starts the recording of my weekly podcast. Finna put it down again. I miss the radio.

Anyway this weekend marks the first weekend we have in Austin to just sit back and chill, so what are we gonna do? Pack it full of shit to do, yes of course.

Cuz on Saturday -

"Grimy Styles at 4:30 p.m at The Austin Reggae Fest! It's Goin' Down Saturday Afternoon Y'all!"

Then Saturday night come celebrate RIchard Henry's Birthday with PRINCE PAUL and MORE! (Word to Crew 54)

Then Sunday I kind of want to see that Round Rock Express, but I'm not sure. Cuz it's 4/20, a big, big holiday, and that night ---

Collie Budz & Grimy Styles at MOHAWK!!! (Word to Dave Stelfox)

Then don't forget May 8th - Austin, TX - The Scoot Inn and May 9th - Houston, TX at Warehouse Live - AustinSurreal & The Houston Palestine Film Fest PRESENT LIVE IN CONCERT


With Special Guest Mohammed from PR (Palestinian Rappaz)

Jackie Salloum, Director of Slingshot Hip Hop, Mohammed, Dam & Chamillionaire at Sundance!

More info, official press release, and flyers coming this week.

Hosted by this dude.

Anyway, more family pics. This past weekend we went to the wedding of one of Melissa's cousins in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I'ma tell you right now, that's a pretty little village. The air felt like it's supposed to feel. Light and pretty, not all hefty and painful as it can be in the city.

Anyway, we lucked out and the wedding just happened to fall on the same weekend as the 20th Annual Ozark UFO Conference. So of course DJ Eva and I had to check it out.

It really went down. I don't know how many people were actually in attendance but it was a lot. And from the looks of the license plates in the parking lots (No I'm not a government agent) people came from all over the country. Honestly, from what I saw it was mostly people quite a bit older than me. Old schoolers in the UFO Game, as they say.

I learned I have a lot to learn. DJ Eva was quite intrigued by the whole thing, as since she was even younger, aliens have always been a favorite topic of hers. I managed to type a couple things she said into my sidekick throughout the event. The best of which were:

"I think this whole ufo thing is a lie. I think they were just trying to get people to have dinner with them or something."

and later...

"I think this whole ufo thing is just about eating food and talking about aliens."

Yeah but they had a trade show / vendors area. With cool stuff like this.

We didn't stay for the talks, I had a 5 year old with me, and we had a wedding to attend midday. But I may try to go next year and get the full experience. Eureka Springs is a city worth returning to for sure, and like I said, I have a lot to learn if I someday want to live on Mars. And I just might.

Anyways, like I said, I was with DJ Eva, so we took off after about an hour and climbed this thing. (No comments on the photoshop skills or lack thereof please)

Then we went to the wedding. Crazy thing is, I didn't know where it was going to be held, but on the way into town I saw this sign for the "Thorncrown Chapel." I immediately thought to myself, "Thorncrown? That's heavy?" Plus the sign just pointed to what looked like a long road into the woody mountains. So I was just like "Oh man, we are IN the Bible Belt now man." Thorncrown? It just conjured up bad thoughts to me. But then I was informed that the wedding was there and we drove up and MAN ALIVE it's definitely the most beautiful chapel I've ever been in, and the entire atmosphere surrounding it is just magical. I can only imagine what it's like when everything is in bloom. Yep, it's glass. (And yes I slacked on photos inside during the wedding cuz they had enough photographers in there and I didn't want to get in the way. Plus i was just soaking it all up.

Know'm sayin'?

It's a sight to behold.

And the kids loved it too.

Next time we are staying here though...

More soon.

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Terp2it/Chris Trew said...

I wish I would have been exposed to that as a child, I still don't know what to believe.