Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Change is Coming to Texas!
The Southern Shift!

And we down here, well, we need a shift.


Firstly let me apologize for being away for so long. This past week I was in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada for the Western Canadian Music Awards, and should have a post about that tonight. But while out there, I had almost no internet service, and well, it costs so much to use a U.S. cell phone out there, I just kept mine off for the 4 days. I had pretty much everyone I needed to communicate with right there, so I took a little break from the ol' ball n chain.

Yeah man, going a few days without my cell phone glued to my ear was amazing, enlightening even. Why am I so addicted to this thing? Why have I almost developed a fear of my cell phone? Why have so many of us done this? Why do I have to be available to you 24/7? It's getting bad. I can barely stand to look at the thing sometimes.

But whatever, that's neither here nor there. We won't be going back to abacuses and telegraphs anytime soon. I mean, maybe after 2012 if any of us survive it, but I dunno.

Almost none of that has anything to do with what I am about to post.

There's a new website poppin' off here in Texas that I find to be extremely important:


For so many years I/we have had to deal with the outsider perspective on Texas. So many people in this world think we here in Texas are nothing but a buncha horse drawn racists hell bent on oil money, running around bragging about how many executions we have every year.

When the reality is that, in the major cities at least, we are a very diverse community. We are progressive. We are smart enough to live in Texas (a vastly superior state in many ways). We are not all conservative haters of humanity.

Yes we have produced some of the sorriest excuses for politicians ever in the history of politics. Yes, from the outside looking in I can understand why YOU might think we are a buncha backwoods yokels. Yes, I can see all of that.

But it's simply not true.

There's more of "us" than you think.

Southern Shift aims to open the eyes of, and give a voice to, the folks in our state who were tricked long ago into thinking they have no voice. Southern Shift is about changing the political landscape out here. For example, did you know that Houston (Harris County) voted blue for the first time in decades this past presidential election?

Did you know that the people behind Southern Shift were active in the streets, in the hoods, in the underserved communities of Houston for months before the election? Did you know that they even made a DVD that featured everyone from Slim Thug and Bun B to young rappers from the community, all speaking on the importance of voting?

Well, they did that. They used their voices to help lift up the people of this state, and it is my opinion that this website, if properly spread to ALL of the people, can help institute even more change.

I am neither Democrat, nor Republican. I personally am an Open Border Anarchist at the end of his rope. But I tell you whut, I recognize a positive force when I see one, and I am down to help put in the work that needs to be put in to get some of these motherfuckers the fuck out of office.

The hood didn't vote for Rick Perry, but by not voting, they did just as much as those who did to put that fuck boy in office.

It's time to stand up. Even us Open Border Anarchists need to vote.

Anyway, there's tons of information on the site already. DAVEY D is behind it and is in Texas every other week working to make this thing pop. It's a site you need to have a look at if you are for change in Texas in any capacity. Here's a couple more videos if you haven't been sold on clicking the link yet. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

Brother Jesse of the SHAPE Community Center!

Kevin Powell on the Importance of Running for Office and more!


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