Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Photos from Invincible Weekend and such

Oh man, it really went down, Austin and San Antonio. Got to head to work, so check back for captions and full write up. I'll add it all today, but for now here's some flicks.

Crew 54

The Ghost of Crew 54

Invincible and Perseph One building with a young MC

With a lot of heart

Blacklisted Individuals...

Are a revolutionary force to be reckoned with.


Perseph One pon di mic. Always a treat to see her live.

Psycho-intense-lyrical-beatdown style.

League of Extraordinary G'z - Da C.O.D., Dred Skott, Southbound - MAN HOL UP!

SB da Bully!

Invincible watches the LOEG'z

And such...

Mr. Greezo!


Reggie Coby!

Lowkey and Reggie Coby!

Mygirl Lolo our host for the evening.

Seen here with the boy Flynn D!

Perseph and Tom

Da Bosnian and Tuck

Butcher Bear and me


Big time journalists who may or may not want to be identified on a blog and such.

Invincible is my favorite MC right now, hands down.

Killin' it in the crowd!

Tom, Graham and BUTCHER BEAR!

Mahassen and friends

Davey D in the place to be! A national treasure!


Lil J and DaShade

Reggie Coby & Bavu Blakes

This dude talked to Melissa about Jesus.

DJ Hot Bologna, Drank & Gravy done kilt it!

Christie, Nook and friend

Casey the Hip Hop Lawyer!

Bavu and Robert Gabriel

Crop Diggie and Invincible. Crop has DJed for her 3 times this year already. CRAZY!

DaShade & Invincible & Bavu = REALEST MC'S!

Saturday night we headed to San Antonio for the Cine Mujer event at the Esperanza Peace & Justice Center.

So dope. Look at Perseph right here!

Invincible rocked that spot like there was 1000 people in the crowd.

My bro QUESTION and his dudes came thru!

Producer PHYRE seen here with my wife. Word to female producers!

Two top notch MC's! Question and Invincible!

And then I just took pics of things I thought were cool.

Like the bathroom

And the bus station across the street

What a beautiful spot, I want to see more events there

Just beautiful.

OK I still plan to write a review.

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