Monday, January 11, 2010

It Went Down In San Antonio! Super Soul Shakedown!
Black Milk Live in Austin This Friday!

Maaaaaaaaaan this is one hell of a way to start out 2010, with some seriously soulful hip-hop realness.

As opposed to blog hop.

Anyway, man, IT WENT DOWN and this Friday night IT'S GOIN' DOWN!

Friday night, if you live in Austin, or within driving distance of Austin, and you love real hip-hop, as opposed to blog hop, then come join me at my lil ol' birthday party thang thang at Red 7 and see BLACK MILK (and more) LIVE IN CONCERT!

Presented by N. Brown Clothing, Daru Jones on the drums, DJ Notion on them turntables, it gone be an event, real tweet, I mean talk.

But this past weekend I headed on down to San Antonio for some family love, and got to check out MOJOE live at the Limelight for SUPER SOUL SHAKEDOWN! It's a quarterly soul dance party that just kills. Check the flicks. One of the nicest crowds I have seen in a minute. I mean a month.

Not a huge place, but a nice size and it was PACKED!

Mojoe of course is one of my favorite groups hands down. They are a full on hip-hop band, not just a couple of MCs who threw together a few people behind them, this is a real band.

And they do it so well. For real. I had this vision not too long ago for a whole new movement coming out of Texas, where the real skilled envelope pushers in Texas hip-hop all get it together and hit the world with some of the finest sounds coming out of anywhere but Detroit and I think that's gonna have to happen soon. I am really tired of the truly dope being overlooked man. Seriously.

It's time to put in that work. Sick of this other shit. Blog hop and shit. (I am typing this as I hear Dizzee Rascal play "Flex" on BBC Radio 1 pon di internet, and no, I don't mean Mad Cobra, I mean the Dallas jam. Word to my brother Mr. Rogers.)

Anyhoos, DJ Donnie Dee is a madman on them turntables.

And I REALLY love San Antonio. It's a gem of a city. People just don't know.

I always knew it was dope but I haven't been to a hip-hop show, or any show there really, in some time.

I mean I saw Invincible last year at an art space down there, but haven't been to an SA club in ages.

I also haven't blogged in ages, but plan to more often in 2010. I think I said that in 2009, I dunno. This real world shit...

I know you feel me. Anyway, I slacked on the crowd shots, cuz I was so enamored with the jams.

I saw more dope grafitti in one day in San Antonio than I have in the last year in Austin. No disrespect to Austin graf writers, maybe I don't know where to look these days, but man I was riding around SA like DAMN!

Yeah, San Antonio got me a lil open.

And every club in SA should have a painting like this hanging prominently. This is RAM> He owned Taco Land for many years which was and I think still is one of the main places for new bands to play. I was there a bunch of times in the early 90's. It was like indie Heaven and Ram really supported music more than almost anyone I ever met. Dude was a champ. I don't know the whole story, but from what I heard, a few years back a dude ran up in the club and shot him dead, at point blank range. I don't even know if there was a reason, I just heard dude was crazy. And it's a damn shame.

SMH at the world, but his memory wil never die. He meant a lot to San Antonio and to every band that ever passed through his club and played on his stage. A beautiful person if there ever was one.

Anyway, come see Black Milk on Friday. I'm almost 40 and I'm going to neeeeeeeeeed you to help me feel better about myself.

Major SXSW Hip-Hop Announcements coming soon. If you did not apply, it is way too late. But um, plenty did and it's REALLY GOIN' DOWN!

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