Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Keep Austin Cool: Krause Springs

New Feature Series Alert!

Yeah, I'ma try to stick with this one -- "KEEP AUSTIN COOL" --hard throughout the summer cuz man, it's already hot as hell out there, though not at hot as triple hell, like it was last year at this time in the middle of the drought, and thank God, Austin has plenty of places to go cool down.

This week we check out KRAUSE SPRINGS.

Woke up early Saturday, loaded up the girls and took the 45 minute drive out 71 towards Burnet to swim in what is now at the moment until the next one, my favorite swimming hole in the vicinity of Austin.

Seriously THIS is why we moved to Austin. Well THIS and a job, but seriously, as much as I love Houston, that city hasn't got shit on Austin when it comes to nature.

OK sure Houston has Galveston, but um, that water is nasty, no matter how many times I have swam in it. Austin has so many spots to swim, its just insane. And Krause Springs is an amazing lil oasis for real.

From what I could tell it's on private property. You pay $5 for adults and $4 a piece for lil buggers like mines, and you can swim all day. They have a butterfly garden, really nice trails and all sorts of plants and trees and such to look at.

But we just went down there and jumped in. The water is perfect. Not as cold as Barton Springs, but just as clean and invigorating.

And there's no lifeguards, which in my opinion is always a plus. Check the webiste here, and take a drive out to Krause Springs this summer. Be sure to work up an appetite and eat at Opie's Barbecue on the way home. Cuz it's there.

Anyway, we swam a couple hours and then I headed to Houston for the Free Press Fest. The polar opposite of swimming in a peaceful spring. See the fool report in the next post, up.

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