Friday, August 6, 2010

ATX: Sunday Aug. 15th Zizek meets Peligrosa at Beauty Bar

From the OMG IT'S REALLY GOIN' DOWN dept...

This here is one of the really realest reasons I cannot quit Facebook. Seriously, as stated in a post below, I took a little break from the social networking, and earlier today, with my first cup of tea, I decided to tackle the task of replying to all of my event invitations to get 'em out of the cue or whatever.

So I am going thru, hitting no relentlessly, only because I hate how much that shit keeps coming back to you when you hit yes, and all of a sudden I see a flyer that says ZIZEK across the top. Now I get invitations on the Facey from places as far away as Turkey, so I figured this was some event in Argentina. Then I saw the word PELIGROSA and was like AH HEH YEH!

And to make it even better, El Remolon is one of the artists coming repping Zizek. I love that dudes music. You will too. Peep out his latest mixtape by CLICKING HERE TO DOWNLOAD NOW.

Diplo actually hipped me to El Remolon a few years back, and then the next year or so, Zizek brought the crew to SXSW. I don't get to see much myself during SXSW as I am working, but I made sure to boogie on over to the spot for his set. And wow. Here's a photo I took that night:

Anyway show is a bit over a week away, more later on that and I'll def be in the spot. Below find a few links to Peligrosa and Zizek. Get familiar.


El Remolon in XLR8R

The Facebook page that inspired this post

Anyway, this is some great news. What a week for show announcements.

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Check that out from a couple of years ago ;)