Friday, September 24, 2010


Yeah man I got up off the couch last night (and out the bed, allergies have had me in bed literally at 8 p.m. most of this week) and went to check out the homeys in the Da COD for their birthday bash. It being 3 of the 4's bday in the next week or some shit. Crazy eh?


Got to chop it up with the homeys from if you aren't up on that, then you aren't up on what's really goin' down around here right now. They have all the jams.

2 DA BONE! Where that Dred Skot record! I'm ready!

Super producers Da Bosnian and AC, with Coughee Brotha Gabo!

Da COD got more merch than maybe every rapper in the city of Houston combined? That's a good look. Finally got my shirt's last night.

Lil Sicc in the place!

And you know Powerhouse TV was in the spot capturing all the footage.

Dude on the right in this pic is Short Fuze. My man Tosin introduced us last night and I reminded him that we met 15 years ago or some shit.

Back when he made this video with my bro Brotha K!

S. Dot and friends in the hizzy

Greezo, Lil J and Lowkey!

DJ Hella Yella kilt it all night

Lil Mike held it down as host

Shout to my homeys

Die Slo hit the stage first and straight wrecked

As evidenced by these photos.

Then Poison Boyz came out and smashed the crowd. This girl has an intense voice for sure

Had people trippin' for real

Unfortunately I could not make it much later than this and had to head to the house. Like I said the allergies earlier this week had me kinda floored. And I knew that I had to be up in 7 hours from the point at which I left, so yeah. I'm old. Hate that I missed Question? (where the f was u brah?) and Da COD, but I'ma see them again one day, possibly not on a school night.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY S. DOT, GREEZO and LIL J! And loud shout to the boy Tuck.

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Wat Dat Iz said...

awesome pics Matt, I couldn't be there so this was gr8!