Wednesday, September 22, 2010

FREE CD: Bavu Blakes + Element 7d =

OK OK Gimme that late pass, I fill u on dat wun plair, it coo eye no.

Naw seriously though, this is THAT RECORD. Read about it below and get you a copy asap, lets make this mug Bandcamp PLATINUM!


Anyhoo, this disc is a classic to me. I used to play the song "New Big Idea" back when I was on Damage Control, which means I have had it over 2 years at this point, or at least parts of it. I was so excited for it to come out back then. I told Bavu and Element 7D what a classic they held in their fists. I was never sure what the hold up was, but I always just figured it was what holds me up all the time, and that is money.

Turns out that was pretty much the case. Not too long ago, shit, maybe six months ago I was chatting with Bavu online, as we do quite a lot, especially since he moved out to LA LA Land, I asked him about the World Trade album. Didn't get much of an answer so I went on one of my tirades, that I am fairly known to do especially to my family and closest friends, about how in this new digital age your releases are less about money and more about getting the music and the message out to the people in promotion of YOURSELF, as YOU are now the profitable entity in the music business, not the lil pieces of plastic you release unto the world.

This new digital age is different and nuff releases are coming out for free, and much lesser artists are gaining a fanbase by doing just this. So in my opinion, this just needed to come out. The people need it.

It's a straight classic. Every song jams, and it's one of those hip-hop albums that really gives you something to think about after you listen to it. The deft combination of Element 7D and Bavu Blakes is no joke.

The songs are genuine and unique and from the heart and well, I am so glad that we the people can all now share in it's brilliance.

Apologies to Bavu and Element for being a couple weeks late in posting this here. I am back to work as they say and not perusing the internet all that much. And ain't nobody done told me! I had to hear about it from via my man TJ. (Much respect to you both for getting this out there!)

But alas and alak, it's here, and you neeeeeed this. And I'd love to know what you think about it. Hit me up and lets press Bavu to release everything else he has in the can!

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