Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble Live in Texas
Pics! Videos!

OMG OMG OMG OMG I can't believe I am a week late on this post. This time of year is NOT the time of year where I can really keep up with this blog. We are one month out from SXSW and well, my heads a mess, as usual. But thank the Lord in the high heavens for this event last week, A Time For Healing tour did just what it was supposed to...

These pics are from the Austin Show. And at the end of the post you'll see a video sent to me by The Aspiring ADD (RIP BIG MELLO! My man!) of the Houston show.

Put it this way, no one left these shows without being touched. The Ethnic Heritage Ensemble delivered a musical cleansing in the best way.

People told me they could feel the stress and bad vibes melt right off of their shoulders and fall down to the floor.

I definitely felt it.

I mean, I fill dat.

2 sets, almost an hour each. A strong encore. And Ernest Khabeer Dawkins and Corey Wilkes out in the crowd getting all the people up to dance.

It was like the ultimate musical climax. And most of you missed it. You people really should listen to me better.

Martin was int he house! Seen here chatting with Nikki. Nikki was the first person in the door!

Anyway, peep the videos below. You will see, but maybe not totally feel, how amazing and refreshing and brilliant these shows were. Blew my mind and cleansed my soul. Also destroyed my pockets. But whatever, it was worth it. Next time I do some shit like this, you need to listen to me. Dummies all listening to dumb ass music and shit. Sorry, it had to be said.

Live in Austin

Live in Houston

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