Saturday, January 7, 2012

Free Week in ATX Continued!

Man last night was really insane. One of the best line ups I have seen in a long time really went down at Club DeVille. All these folks are the future for real, right up here in the present and shit. Some of my favorites in the state for real. Pissed I missed Limb though, anyway...

I came in during Multitracker's set and somehow didn't get any photos. Multitracker makes spaced out beats and plays drums and different things along with it. Got things started quite well.

Then B L A C K I E came to wreck.

I hope the people in the condos across Red River liked him.

That's really important to me.

As it is important to the city of Austin.

I'm gonna enjoy Red River while we still can.

Before it is destroyed.

And Austin becomes the shot bar capital of the world.

As opposed to the Live Music Capital of the World.

Like it says on that sign at the airport.

But alas and alak, the new sign may say...

The Condo and Shot Bar Capital of the World.

Or possibly, The Downtown Surveillance Camera Capital of the World.

I'm not totally againist the surveillance cameras downtown. I mean yeah I am generally not in favor of public surveillance cameras (what is this, London?), but in Austin it will be good to have footage of the cops smashing peoples skulls in on horseback when that happens to happen. And maybe it'll stop the frat boys from hurting themselves and others. We shall see I suppose.

Attack Formation was up next and kilt it.

Harmonica and all.

One of my favorite bands of the past two years Bali Yaaah really killed it too.

In the hot little room.

Always great to see Zorch rockin and shockin it on down.

And my night ended with watching Sorne through the window as it was too packed and hot inside for me to go up in thurr.

But man Ilove this dudes album and his show is nuts.

You'll see and hear more from all these people in 2012, unless the Mayans were right then fuck it anyway. #hope

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