Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Free Week in ATX!

DO NOT FORGET! Wednesday night come to the Mohawk FOR FREE! Outside early its Parking, The Tontons and 10YR, then from 10:30ish till 2am inside its Worldwide, Doughbeezy, Gerald G, and Killa Kyleon with DJ Rapid Ric and DJ Orion on the tables together all night. TOGETHER FOR THE FIRST TIME OMG OMG OMGOMMMMMGGGGGGG!!!!!!

And I am sure I am missing a whole lot of other dope free week shows as I am old and only know so much these daze, but this one on Friday is gonna be insane. Some of my favorite acts from the state of Texas at this moment B L A C K I E, Equals, Sorne, Bali Yaaah, man hold the f on up peep this shit out and come to Club DeVille Friday night!

Free week is the move. Hope to see you out this week in them streets. WEDNESDAY NIGHT MOHAWK ALL NIGHT BE THERE!

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