Thursday, August 30, 2012

From The Atlantic: Should Hip-Hop Artists Be Allowed to Release Albums From Jail?

By Tim Bella, a man who came up in Texas but now resides in New York and writes for the Atlantic. The story centers around South Park Mexican, a man who was a bonafide Latin hip-hop cultural icon for a good period of time. You may or may not know his story but I do, all too well.

If he did actually do what he was convicted of then of course, I and any other human with a functioning brain and heart feel as though he got what he deserved. But I always felt that there was way more to this case and that there were definitely things that didn't add up. SO I have mixed feelings on all of this. I am quoted in this article, and I stand by what I said, he was THE MAN back when he was at his peak. What happened later, is a whole nother story.

At any rate Tim did a great job here. And my feelings about the question at hand, Should hip-hop artists be able to release albums from jail, aren't really all that simple. I personally feel as though jail is supposed to be equally for rehabilitation purposes as they are for punishment. And making art can really help with that healing process. But I mean, all of this should be looked at on a case by case basis. I think that creative people should be creative. Its a quandary. Anyway check it out link is below.


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droopy said...

hey thanks for putting me onto this. Great article. I wrote this on SPM's music a while back. I agree with you; looking back I think he was one of the best MCs to come out of the H.