Thursday, August 30, 2012

So much for getting "back up in that azz" 2 weeks ago

More than 2 weeks ago I came up on here on the ol AustinSurreal to say that I was back. After a full on summer of as much internet avoidance as I could muster up, I was ready to start back to blogging. Doing what I do best as they say. But alas and alak, shortly after posting that Geto Boys video I got a call from my dear friend Lynda to tell me that the head of SXSW Music, Brent Grulke, had passed away in a tragic scenario while undergoing oral surgery. That not only threw my, and about a thousand other lives into chaos, it sent me into a bit of a tailspin/depression and honestly I stopped thinking about blogging and everything else for a minute. Probably pretty common when someone close to you is taken suddenly and way too soon. I hope he is resting in peace and I pray for his family.

Then one week later I got news that one of my closest friends from my just post high school days, Aaron Ruark passed away in his sleep. I still don't know what happened. All I know is I lost my dude, 38 years old, with a beautiful young daughter AND he was about to be married the following Saturday to a wonderful woman named Nicki I had just met two weeks prior when I was in Cleveland for the League of Extraordinary G'z show with our mutual best friend Mike. I was so bummed that I wasn't going to be able to make it to the wedding, money is tight as always, and he was on my mind a lot in the days leading up to his untimely passing. Dude, he was 38, I don't know wtf happened, I just know that it's got me and a lot of good people all fucked up.

I truly hope he is resting in peace, but really I just wish he was still here. Words can't even describe it.

But I guess I'm back. Big announcement coming soon, when I decide what indeed the decision behind that announcement will be. Stay tuned.
Rest in Peace My Brother Aaron Ruark...

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