Sunday, March 9, 2008

For it is upon us

We're live in the mix, SXSW www.93.399999999999999999fm102Mhz, dial it in, find it on your internets, let it take you over and bring you down to the field where it's all about to go down.

I mean the street, the 6th street and it's vicinity. Where 1,700+ bands are about to descend and make sure it goes down. You're anticipating you're flight, I'm down here already in it, as if it's already happening, like except the music isn't happening yet it's just all the hustle and the bustle, the last minute hustles and bustles are always the worst. The shit hit's the fan and you're there sitting on the toilet thinking you finally have time to do such a thing, but alas and alak you do not. Cuz once it hits the fan, it's all over the place and you'd better be there to clean it up.

And it's serious, I mean, I thought to myself all week about how on Saturday (yesterdayish) I was going to get my work done and head down south side to the Alamo Theater in the shopping plaza where the Texas Beat offices used to be and see GONZO, the Hunter S. Thompson documentary.

I recently finished reading the recent book of the same name that Rolling Stone published. Now that was a brilliant read. Many of Hunter's friends, family, foes, allies, co-conspirators, etc, talking big about the Father of Gonzo Journalism, so I felt as though I had to see the film. Well once again, book trumps film.

That's not to say that Gonzo is a bad film, it has some really strong moments. The footage of HST is of course very welcome, but to fit the life of a man who lived his so fully into two hours, is almost a futile pursuit. And to waste any minutes of such a film on anyone else, is almost utterly ridiculous. Like for instance, they went pretty much in order, and when they came to Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail, they started going real in depth about the politicians and the politicos and the other hacks on the trail and I started thinking to myself how I was no longer learning anything about Hunter (I actually didn't learn much cuz Ive obsessively read pretty much everything he's written and many of the things that have been written about him) but I was just looking at a bunch of politicians.... meanwhile I could be on the computer promoting my SXSW shows on the internets and I started thinking to myself how I just could not justify sitting and staring at a screen for two hours when I have so much to do, so I slid my body underneath the lil table at the Alamo Drafthouse South and slithered out of my seat on to the floor only to sneak out and race home to do what it is I need to do these days.

Promote these shows.

I'll post a full on list of my shit with updates and recommendations tomorrow so tune into AustinSurreal and forward the list onto everyone you know who may be in Austin this week.

We getting a heliplane and some hash pills for the haters. And if they wanna play games, we'll see you at the big chess set on Sunday.

For it's a long road to Buffalo, especially if yer headed east on I-90 through Cleveland and Erie at this particular time of year. There's 20 inches of snow on the ground in my home town and I'm down here whining about 50 degree weather and a little work. It's going to be bright and sunny and warm all week in Austin, TX, I can feel it, you can feel it, we all can have it, when it comes. This Wednesday. See you in Austin. Call me when you get here.

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