Thursday, March 27, 2008

Still Haven't Written...

Still Haven't Written... my SXSW wrap up. Also, disregard what I said in the earlier post. I'm not gonna just go nuts on DJ Coalitions. I'ma talk about the whole industry at some point this week. And the main problem that I see with it today.

And that's everyone trying to chase the same dollar.

I always get real introspective and start questioning the industry hard after SXSW. My mind just races when it is set free from the shackles of the day to day grind, which it hath been for the next few weeks.

So I'ma get back to being a wildman on the mic, I mean with the pen, I mean on the PC. It's about to go down.

Also Bun B's album comes out in one month and 2 days.

Also if you don't have Bavu Blakes'ses Extra Plair EP, you must do yourself a favor and go to find one somehow someway. It's quite nice.

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