Saturday, March 29, 2008

YouTube Videos from SXSW ROUND 1

And way more to come...

Bun B and Dizzee Rascal do "WHere's Da G's" Live at SXSW!

"Where's Da G's" Video!

10 minutes of the Bun B show courtesy of Luxury Mindz (Hope you like bass)

Them boys MDDL FNGZ!

Devin the Dude and the Coughee Brothaz Live at SXSW!(But who the hell is the DJ that pops up???)

Team Facelift at Red Bull Party SXSW

Dizzee Rascal Live at SXSW

Dizzee Rascal does "I Love You" at SXSW

B-Boys including Nosaprise and members of Havikoro Dancing on stage with Dizzee (Pussyole video was filmed at B-Boy City in Austin BTW)

Bushwick Bill freestyling while EL-P Beatboxes at SXSW (WORD TO MR. DIBBS!)

El-P Live at SXSW

Del on the big stage at SXSW

I'm a Billy Bragg Fanatic. Seriously.

Billy Bragg and Kate Nash Live at SXSW!

Clipse at Rhapsody Party SXSW

Chromeo at the Scion Event!

Kid SIster LIve at her Friday SXSW Show at Volume

David Banner did this Fader Party instead of the panel we planned for him, but whatever, he got on BET for it. And the show that night slayed.

Thurston Moore at SXSW

Thurston Moore more

Very important jam here - Billy Bragg - "I Keep Faith"

MURS went off. CRAZY SHIT!

Sparkdawg at SXSW


Hope you enjoyed all this. I'll be posting way more in the days to come!

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