Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Big Week for Rappers Who's name starts with "B"
First AustinSurreal party in NYC This Monday!
With DJ Ready Red and Prince Johnny C!

That's right, DJ Ready Red and Prince Johnny C of the original Ghetto Boys!!!!

More in a minute.

Firstly BIG CONGRATULATIONS To BUN B! 2 Trill debuted at #2 on the Billboard Top 200 and #1 on the Hip Hop or Urban or R&B Charts or whatever that is. Big Up's to the man. Only reason he was #2 is cuz 3 Doors Down had Walmart on Lock. FUCK WALMART THEY ARE NOT A RECORD STORE! Walmart is a tool for Satan. So fuck 'em. Bun B is #1.

He out sold them boys in Best Buy and Transworld and all that so fuck 'em in they pussy as Bun might say (though I know for a fact he wouldn't say it about them).

Also BAVU BLAKES IS FEATURED ON XXLMAG.COM! CLICK HERE TO PEEP IT OUT! Boy needs a real deal. It's time for some real representation. Anyway, I digress...

ALSO! This Monday night, we return to Screw York City and reunite with our sister Roxy Cottontail for the first AustinSurreal/Oxy Cottontail EVENT!


I've been trying to get Ready Red to come out for a party for a while now, but he was living in the Bay Area. Now he's back in Jersey with his long time partner Prince Johnny C and they are working on some NEW MUSIC! Be the first to hear said new music on Monday Night and also groove to the sounds of DJ Rapid Ric, the homey Kunal M and DJ Readycee FROM HOUSTON! That's right, the man who now (and has for some time now) lives in the Bronx and does the hottest underground hip hop radio show in NYC is comin' down and comin' thru to rock for you on Monday. I used to have Readycee DJ at my spot the Hip Hop Coffee Shop. This was in 1991. Come down and check my man out.

Anyway it's going down at SWAY 305 Spring St. and I want to see you there. It's been a long time y'all.

Also here's these for reference...

Also the homies at ALLHIPHOP.COM did a wonderful piece on DJ Ready Red last week. PEEP IT OUT HERE! Hope to see all my AHH folks in NYC next week as well!

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DJ Stef said...

How was it?? Photos and details, I can't wait!