Thursday, June 12, 2008

DJ Baby G - Goin' Off - That Down South Shit

Man hold up!

We just moved, as my faithful readers know, and with a move comes a lot of discoveries, rather, unearthings of things you may have forgotten that you had, or wished you didn't lug around to yet another cribbo.

This lil gem right here, is neither cuz I surely remember jamming the hell out of this and I am certainly glad that I dragged a couple of copies of this around for some years. PEEP GAME!

The year was 1998. I had known DJ Baby G for about 6 years at that point. He was a DMC Champ in 1991 and repped for Texas hard all over the place DJing for artists like Mad Flava, and well, even MC 900 Foot Jesus. I always loved this dude cuz he was one of the most talented dudes I ever met in Texas hip-hop and he was and still is hands down the most humble and cool cat you'll ever meet period.

I lived in Houston, and while Houston always had a dynamic rap scene, everytime I'd go to Dallas I was always impressed because their city seemed to have a balance that Houston truly lacked. We had some groups like the K-Otix, and lots of rappers and producers and DJ's who didn't fit the typical Houston sound, but in Dallas, they had all sorts of shit and there was a scene for each one of them.

Like for instance, if say, Positive K came to Houston, it'd be me and Will Strickland in the club excited to see him, surrounded by a bunch of crickets (this is a real scenario), but in Dallas, dude could come down and rip it in front of a packed house. Too Short could come to Houston and do 1,000 people, and could do the same in Dallas. They had it all. Word to Club X-odus and the almost defunkt Deep Ellum district.

Anyway, Baby G is certainly more well known as a turntable master who played way more "real hip hop" ie. east and west coast shit that wasn't "gangsta," than down south rap. But I remember bugging him for some time to make a tape like this. I'd say "Bro, you are the greatest DJ to ever do it (IMO), make a down south tape." He always liked the down south stuff, but was more known for being more into other shit. (He'll fuck you up on the reggae tip) One day he called me and said something like "Matt I just made a tape of all down south jams, I need you to help me get it out there in Austin and Houston."

I went ballistic, couldn't wait to hear it, and when I got like 60 copies of it, I was so fucking stoked - DJ BABY G MADE A DOWN SOUTH MIX! I was fucking freaking out. Unfortunately, I gave more away than I sold. It was a hard sell. Music Mania really only wanted DJ Screw (this was pretty much pre-Swisha House and everybody else, as far as Austin knew), and back in those days, minds on both sides of the hip-hop fence were way more closed than they are today.

But whatever, dude KILLED this tape. And when I found it in a box of shit I knew I had to up it here for YOU.

You can hear DJ Baby G these days right here in Austin on Hot 93, live in the mix. And on XM RADIO! When I say he is my favorite DJ of all time, I'm not lying. If you ask me who I think is the best DJ of all time, I'll say DJ Baby G. I could be wrong, but fuck it THAT'S JUST HOW I FEEL (word to Pimp C, R.I.P.).


Here is some YouTubage for reference. If you download it I would love it if you left a comment. I want to make sure that boy G knows he is appreciated plus I'd like to know that this tape hit a lot of people.

MTV Coverage of the DMC's in 1991

Mad Flava - Feel Tha Flava

Go visit Baby G on his website


Unknown said...

baby g's the best. a king of hip-hop & reggae (& more) for texas and DJing period.

Steve Waters said...

Thanks alot my man. Really appreciate it homeslice

TSF said...

Thanks for the download man! I have most of this shit in different places, but the mix is ill. Never knew Baby G before, but I never lived in TX either. One love!

TSF said...

Also, this tape reminds me of how powerful No Limit was back then (still can't believe Snoop was with em). The Do or Die and Crucial Conflict tracks make me miss ChiTown, too.

Pikahsso allen Poe said...

Baby G is legendary thanks for posting this i even know some of the artist on here.


Anonymous said...

Dj Baby G... Used to listen to him on EZ Eddie D's radio show. Cultural consciousness, the best in earths universe. Respect for posting this.