Monday, June 23, 2008


I'ts 'bout to go down in that H-Town this week, knowmtalmbout?

First off check out this video. Local Austin band SPIN ALLEY covering UGK's "One Day" at Momo's in tribute to Pimp C.

What's dope about this to me, is this video shows you just how far and wide Pimp C and Bun B and UGK as a musical entity and a movement touched so many people. Their impact is immeasurable man. Seriously, if you know like I know, you know that UGK was one of the most important groups in rap for reasons deeper than them just making some dope rap songs.

Anyway, enjoy that.

And Tuesday afternoon if yer in Houston be sure and come by Urban Zone in Sharpstown Mall for THIS!

And then Wednesday Night You already know!

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