Friday, October 31, 2008

RIP D-Drew - SUC

Rest in Peace my man...

D-Drew was one of the later dudes to be "inducted" into DJ Screw's Screwed Up Click. He told me the story before, I don't remember it all, but he was real young and his mom used to take him around Screw. Screw always looked out for him, and as he got a little older and started rapping, brought him into the click. It had to be pretty soon before Screw himself passed. I don't know man. Honestly, I don't know about you, but I have had about enough S.U.C. Deaths for one lifetime.

D-Drew was a Damage Control regular. He was the dude I would call, well one of the dudes I would call when it was time to do the Screw Tribute shows. He'd always rally the troops from all sides of the fence in celebration of DJ Screw. He was definitely my man in those days and he will be missed.

Word is he was found shot dead in a car. In Houston. One of the reasons I now live in Austin. And will make my way further west in to the hills as time progresses. God willing.

More details as they come in. Ruined my Halloween...

CHECK HIS MUSIC ON HIS MYSPACE PAGE. He's 2nd verse on the first song.


RichieUpAndOver said...

Drew was family to Screw. Drew's mother FiFi was real close to Screw. Alot of people dont know this, but Screw used to cut hair, and when Drew was a kid, FiFi had Screw cut Drew's hair. So to say that Drew was a "later member" of the SUC is not true. FiFi wouldnt let Drew on a tape until he graduated High School. She didnt want him getting involved in the streets until he was a man. Thats why Graduation 99 is such a big tape and why people think thats when Drew joined the Click. But really Drew knew Screw from years back, even when he was a child. Screw was like a father figure to him and Drew repped the SUC harder than alot of the dudes who were on the grey tapes. I will miss D-Drew, Ive only met him a few times, but I have alot of Tim's footage and Drew was a real ass street dude. He lived fast, way too fast, but he always spoke his mind and was never scared. RIP To D-Drew.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Grad 99 One of my favorite tapes..

R.I.P. Drew

This my first time hearing bout it