Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nice & Smooth, Black Sheep and Orgone LIVE in Houston!

Word to Scion. See the same show tonight at the Parish and let me tell you this, it's worth it. You def don't need to go see Digable Planets or whatever else is happening tonight. THIS IS THE SHOW. Ladybug is pretty and all but Greg Nice has that energy and Black Sheep and Nice & Smooth have more CLASSICS than you remember, and of course Orgone kills it.

(HEADS UP MIDWEST! Bun B is coming to your city with Orgone backing him and YOU do not want to miss this!!! Chicago, Minneapolis, Columbus and one other city I can't remember in mid-December. I plan on hitting the Chi show and reuniting with all my folks out there!)

Anyway here's the part you like.

Dres of the Black Sheep. Mista Lawnge was nowhere to be seen, except on the flyer...

But who gives a shit. Anyway man, Dres came out and killed it.

And of course Orgone blew me right out the water.

My man kept it LIVE!

And Greg Nice solidified himself as one of the top performers in hip-hop TO THIS DAY!

Dude was running in the crowd.

Working the hell out of the band.

Dancing with all the ladies, and making every song like 10 minute long jams.

Smooth B!

They were on for over an hour. Killing it.

Bun B came out. Did you know that Greg Nice and Pimp C recorded a song together a week before Pimp C died. Greg says he is going to be on our Damage Control 1 year anniversary Pimp C Tribute in December. Like whoa. I neeed to hear that one.

Hip-Hop Junkies.

Lookit these LEGENDS!

The lovely Kam, Mark and Bone

And more Hip-Hop Junkies. Wow.

Anyway Austin, if you don't see this show tonight YOU ARE TRIPPIN'. I drove home to Austin and got in at 5 a.m. and woke up at 7 a.m. so I might not make it tonight. But trust me, YOU should.


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