Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sister Nancy - Mossman Soundsystem -
Grimy Styles & Queen Majesty
Total Nother Level Shit

I mean for real though. It was really on that whole other level. It's crazy man. We gave out a couple hundred tickets and just before the show my boy Rufus was like "Man if we don't get 100 paid we are gonna be screwed." And I looked at him and said "Maaaaan, we'll get 100 paid, don't even trip." I was confident of that, but really had no idea that in the end over 600 people would pass through them doors to celebrate the realness that IS!

SISTER NANCY!!!! Most incredible voice...

And QUEEN MAJESTY! Seriously one of the finest reggae DJ's I know in this current day and time. The girl is flawless. She killed it from 9 - 10 p.m. when the folks were just starting to trickle in and then DESTROYED IT from like 12:30 - 2:00 a.m. and kept 90% of the crowd there all night.

Dr. Dubbist!

My dude Pimpin' Pen said the whole night was, "crunk." That means good. Like a hype, goodness.

Grimy Styles pulled out selections from their entire repertiore (sp?) andjust blew fools tits backwards.



Dr. Dubbist.


Just straight happy...

Sun-Jue & Erica keeping it real. MY PEOPLE!

Clara holding it down.

Melissa and Keith Plocek chillin'. WHERE HATH YOU BEEN KEITH?


Well anyway man, the night was so magical. Crowd wise it could not be fucked with. Old folks. Young folks. Middlin' folks. All races. All um, everything. From squares like myself to hippies to tattoed folk to the um, black dude with blonde spiky hair, to um, man well, just everybody came through last night. I was floored and everyone on that stage made sure everyone went home happy.

Sister Nancy's voice could light Austin for months. Like, the power coming out of that mouth is just immeasurable. I stood up front for quite some time, just mesmirized by this woman.

She incomparable.

I mean utterly incredible.

So, yeah man, I'ma have to do more reggae shows.

In the yard at The Scoot. WHAT A STAGE!

Nice vibes y'all. Big thanks to everyone involved and to everyone who came out!

Queen Majesty shut the place down and kept the crowd STRAIGHT VIBIN'!

How nice. Let's do it again sometime. Enjoy the um, Thanksgiving day festivities and hopefully right after that I'll have some whole new events to announce.

The AustinSurreal/Platypus Promo/MongoLikeShin Christmas Party is gonna be a motherfunky KILLER. So be ready. Time, place, date, etc TBA Sooninsh.

Enjoy your Monday.


Sandman said...

Man I love Sister nancy, sorry I had to miss yet another show

Pushermania said...

Man I was wondering if you are still in town Sandman. If so we gotta build for a minute before you take off and I am serious. If so, keep in touch man.

Anonymous said...

RE: Sister Nancy

Did she do "Bam Bam"? (The song on the movie "Belly" when DMX and the Jamaican dude was riding in the black Benz in Kingston)

yep, I have that song on my mp3 player too :D lol

Anonymous said...

"Queen Majesty shut the place down and kept the crowd STRAIGHT VIBIN'!" <--- I fully understand the vibe of your line, Matt, as it is vital that a gay vibe must not exist at a show like this. Keep it real! I am bi-sexual but I'm a hot bitch, so I ain't gettin' hung if I go down to Jamaica!