Sunday, January 18, 2009

For George W. Bush On Your Last Day In Office

For George W. Bush

I don’t blame you,
I blame myself.

I blame myself for these past eight years, because while you were trampling on our nation,
and the nations of others, I, and the rest of America sat here and did not do shit.

Some may have made signs, a few wrote letters, one dude made a couple films, another made straight to DVD treatises nobody understood, we all sat around the dinner table and complained, we cursed you, we called for your head, as we inhaled our meals and headed back off to work.

If we were lucky enough to have work.

We’d sit over beers and talk of how unfair your wars have been, how evil your reign has been, how far down our nation has slunk. We’d get riled up amongst ourselves and vow to never let such a thing happen again.

Then we went to bed, woke up the next day, punched in, and tuned out.

We didn’t burn you in effigy outside the Fox news office. We let them exist in peace too. We rarely tuned our radios to the left of the dial, in fact we barely turned them on at all. We relied on the images that you fed the TV, to feed our minds and burn our souls.

Like the skin of so many men, women and children has burned, under your reign of terror.

Mothers have lost children and children have lost mothers and fathers have disappeared forever without a trace, in the name of your war.

Those planes didn’t hit the Twin Towers because of me, they hit because of you. Still I recoiled in fear and stupidly let you handle it. We should have handled it. We the people, in order to find a more perfect union, must have stopped looking.

I mean, we definitely stopped looking. And like good little worker bees, we let the boss man do his job, even if we knew you were taking advantage and working to destroy us all. We LET you do this. We allowed you to do this. And here we sit.

Having hope. A hope for a new America. A hope for a new day where you, like your father, retire to the baseball field, the basketball court, the polo grounds, where ever you people go to find solace. To have fun. To enjoy the rest of your days.

To smell the roses.

As opposed to the fires that will still burn on for years after you walk away from the winners circle. The fires that We the People in Order to Form a More Perfect Union, will still be fighting.

While you sit, already forgotten what you have done. You see no problem with it. Burn the brown skin black with nary a care the world over. Imprison an idea. Tell a man who is fighting for his freedom that he is a terrorist. Tell a man whose land has been stolen that he is the problem. Tell a man, tell all of us, that it’s all for our own good, and yeah, we’ll believe it.

We can say that we didn’t, but really we did.

But now you are gone. Gone to the suburbs of Dallas with so many other empty souls, guarded by their moneys, protected by their hate filled delusions that allow for nary a glimpse into the realities of the humans on whose backs you stand.

Good riddance Mr. Bush. I won’t say I loved you, because I never did.


W.C. Welch IV said...

Spot on, absolutely spot on! Good riddance to the Criminal George Bush II. However, we cannot forget what he did and must be on guard at all times. While his regime is ending, his propaganda machine will be in full gear in an effort to re-write the last 8 years and paint him as a success. It’s exactly what the same propaganda machine did for Reagan.

Anonymous said...

Right on. You nailed it precisely right.

Anonymous said...

You are right, we let this happen. But in the spirit of Obamerica, I am trying to look for the good in any situation. And the way I see it, it took a tyrant as despicable as Bush to mobilize the people of this country to get involved in the political process, pocket prejudices and racism, and elect an unabashed intellectual with African blood in his veins into the Presidency of the United States. President Obama has declared today a national day of service, time for us to start cleaning up the mess that this Bush clown made.

Pushermania said...

YES YES YES WE CAN AND DID AND WILL AND ITS FORWARD EVER BACKWARDS NEVER. I just had that in my head and had to get it out. I am definitely NOT a poet.

purpak said...

Im not american, but that was real talk.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, pretty much. What are we going to do to ensure this never happens again...I'm a afraid we may still be powerless.