Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Think Austin Might Really Be Hip-Hop City
This Weekend Is Insane!

I talked to Bun B last week. We had a slight bit of business to attend to and he said to me, "Matt, I'm telling you like I'm telling everybody, I don't wanna talk about shit till after the inauguration." I felt him on that cuz that was pretty much how I felt as well. These past couple weeks I've just been on the edge of my seat. So ready, so ready to see that motherfucker get on that helicopter. Couldn't really think about anything else.

Well, he got on the helicopter, landed somewhere in Texas, where he's probably inhaling sausages, whiskey, cocaine, whatever it is that fuels him, and well, OUR MAN HAS ENTERED THE OVAL OFFICE.

It's time to get the fuck up and work. You want change? Help the man bring change. Work for it. I know I am down to work. Are you? The thumb hath been lifted off our backs people.

And now we have hope. For what it's worth. I started a poem for Obama, much nicer than the one I wrote for EX-president(s) Bush, but it's not done yet. For alas, I am not a poet, but you know, I feel a bit inspired.

ANYHOO THAT'S NEITHER HERE NOR THERE! I think I was trying to explain why I haven't been blogging. It's all that and the fact that for a week I wasted A LOT of time Twittering. I am finished with the Twittering. Back to blogging. Though I did e-meet some very nice people via that Tweetin' lil thang thang.

But no, this post is about THIS WEEKEND IN AUSTIN! LEGENDS FLOODING THE CITY! Two of my favorite classic hip-hoppers will be in our town and oh what to do, what to do. I guess try to do both. (and then some)

First of all - THE TEACHER! KRS-ONE hit's the Mohawk.

Dudes, last month it was Ice Cube, this month it's KRS-ONE at one of my favorite spots in town. I'll be on the roof, in the back, absorbing all sorts of knowledge.

And I'ma try to roll through the Hi-Ro Music Festival. Billed as the Festival where hip-hop meets rock (but peep the flyer, where does "nature" fit into this equation?), De La Soul headlines an all day bill that includes my dudes Pimpin' Pen, Zeale, Dirty Wormz, Big Red Rooster, Omega Red and way more. It's really goin' down!

Like all day and such. Click the link below and go to the events page for more info on what it's all about and where to get tickets.

For real though, De La Soul and KRS-ONE on the same night. It's a quandary.

I also wanna check this show out. My man Nick D of the Kriminals ALWAYS reps for ATX man. He does some strong local shows, often directly on the south side of town. Far from the debacle that is 6th Street on a weekend. Real Austin and such. This will be his first show at the Little Mexico Restaurant on South First. Now I may be partial to Polvo's (THAT SALSA!) but um, dudes, you cannot sleep on the South Side Special at Little Mexico, real talk. This could be the place to be in between Hi-Ro and KRS-ONE to refuel and check out some serious shit. Kriminals are killin' it.

Also the South Side Special, and possibly a margarita.

But real talk, Austin has one of the strongest hip-hop scenes I have ever seen. EVERYONE comes here, all the time, like multiple times a year it seems. From all coasts, and mostly indie dudes. Like we get all the good indie dudes, and a minimal amount of the major dudes from the hype machine. It's so dope. Like my dudes The Chicharones are coming to Karma on January 29th even. Josh Martinez and Sleep are two incredible MC's and my dudes for real fo' life. So yeah, I'll be there. Karma, January 29th...

And that's where these photos were taken, on DJ Notions night at Karma. Dude is killin' it.

It was a birthday party for Flynn D and Gerald G, seen here with Will Hustle, JJ of Philliez Beats, Dee-Rail and friend. I actually turned 37 fucking years young when I took this photo as well. Yes, Flynn and I share a birthday. Perhaps he has told you. Anyway, 37 is the new 17 FTW.

Dudes from Dallas whose names I hath forgotten and my man Pilarsito

But alas, I got a little restless, and could not hang out all night. Mostly because SXSW is coming up so that means anytime I step into a hip-hop event I gotta stand and listen to a million peoples business plans and plans for world domination and how throwed they are and how they gotta get a slot at SXSW cuz they are gonna kill it and they are the only dudes really doing it out here and they got next and they gone blow up and they gone bring all of Austin up with them and when they blow up Austin gonna blow and it's for Austin, I do it for Austin, I'm blowing up and yadda yadda yadda. It's always the same. I don't really ever get to see or hear any performances, not with both ears anyway.

So I rolled out to see my man DJ Jester. He was spinning at the Yo Majesty after party, once again at The Mohawk, so I passed thru to see my dude.

And sat there and jammed to his crazy mish mash of weird out 80's music, hip-hop, country, whatever, he kills it.

One of them real dudes on them tables. Anyway I'ma try to finish my lil thang for Obama tonight, but for now it's off to work I go. Less than 2 months till SXSW, have you purchased your registration yet? I think this is the year that you need a badge, cuz we have shit poppin' on all levels, and will be announced soon. But yeah dudes, it's really goin' down.


purpak said...

Looks dope

Anonymous said...

DJ Jester always puts on a great show. I saw him at funfunfun and again when he djed for Grand Buffet, opening for Girl Talk.

He has a good time and will always smile at the crowd like he knows what he's playing is funny. Plus he throws candy into the audience.