Tuesday, February 24, 2009

AwkQuarius Wins The SXSW Promo Game So Far

Watch this one and dig into more craziness on their page....

Here's what Pikahsso says about it....

Thats right Beaver just got word from Matt Sonzala
that the SXSW convention is coming up in Austin Texas
so he asks his daddy Ward Cleaver For permission to go
see AwkQuarius [Pikahsso & Tahiti] @ the SXSW Music
Festival on Thursday March 19th 2009 @ The Back Alley

Dont Miss This Show
Pikahsso & Tahiti Of AwkQuarius and WhackPiktures


Visit The Official AwkQuarius SXSW page and bookmark
the show now dont miss it click the link below


Click the link below to hear the new single Lets Hit The Town By AwkQuarius [Pikahsso & Tahiti] produced by K-Phlx coming to iTunes Soon courtesy of Idol Records.


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