Wednesday, February 11, 2009


And we especially love records when buying them supports a good cause, like educating children and giving them something to live for...

Like we used to live for records back in our youth. Well, like me used to live for records back in my youth. I seriously used to make my mother drive me 100 miles every month or so to buy records at the Cleveland Record Convention with my dishwashing money, like from age 14 till she let me ride with friends out there. I gave up the habit after like switching cities six times or so, but you know, I still love to uh, dig in the crates as the hippity hoppers say. I do. It's fun. My man Robert Gabriel, aka Harvey Canal on the internets is hooking this up and it benefits the Destiny By Design program that we hath covered here many times before (see the video below).

It's really goin' down, next Saturday. And if you are carnivorous, well get you some of that Gene's Chicken, but don't touch the records with your greasy fingers.

Already, see you there.