Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bands I saw and liked and such...

Like, over a week ago, at The Mohawk, on a slowish Sunday night. I made the trek down to see Relgious Girls, Our Brother the Native and Shots Were Fired, only to find out Religious Girls had broken down somewhere and weren't going to make it, and then had my doubts as to whether Our Brother the Native was there or not. So I spent a lot of the night sitting on the roof. But I did venture downstairs a bit and man, honestly liked both the bands I saw. First up was Shots Were Fired...

I mean you know.

Spaced out effecty acoustic guitar duo just killing it.

On a fairly quiet Sunday.

Spent some time on the roof...

Then Our Brother the Native

Came on and it was really quite great.

Oh yeah also there was a dude laying flat on his back on the floor during the Shots Were Fired set.

And then I was going to write more but my daughter Elena woke up and is dragging me to bed. She's gonna be 4 on Sunday! OK. Good night. Great show.

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