Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Crew 54 Reality Show

Now, lemme say this, I am not trying to go all Vloggy on y'all, but yeah, people do tend to post videos and send them to me, and if they have some relevance to this site, I will post them.

I got mad a while back when someone spent a long time explaining to me why I need to get a camcorder and be a vlogger - IF I REALLY WANNA BLOW UP. As this is what's hot right now. It annoyed the shit out of me, cuz quite simply, AustinSurreal is just me, it's not a hip-hop blog, I don't sell ads (at the moment), I don't blast it out to people all day, it's just a blog that kinda covers what I do and what I like. That's all.

No disrespect to the Vlogs of the world, but I am not a vlogger. I go watch thangs at Nahright and a few other sites and they do it right.

If anything I want to write more. I had a whole buncha stuff in my head last night but then my lil Elena woke up and well, sat in my lap, and well, I just couldn't write, we went to bed. This happens kind of a lot. Maybe I should just vlog - much simpler and my kids can be involved, but please don't tell me what it is gonna take for me to blow up. Unless you really KNOW.

I leave that to the professionals. Like my folks CREW 54. The Crew 54 Reality show is always a good look. They document what is really goin' on out here in Central Texas. I mean seriously, I am 37 years old, have 2 kids and don't get out much. But when I do, the first people I see in the place are almost always Mos and G-Christ.

They are also my official security, so don't talk to me, these big dudes will hurt you, on tape.

Anyway, this vlog here (above) says that HOMEBOY SANDMAN and J-LIVE will be in Austin on Sunday July 12th???? Upstairs at Paradise? I need to find out where that is and catch this. J-Live is LEGENDARY and of course Sandman is on the come up and deservedly so. So yeah, see you Sunday???

(Also Friday at Red 7, where I will be DJing all night, no cover, cheap drinks, lots of ladies, lots of fellas with jobs, lots of nice things)

Oh yeah here's the flyer for my DJing event...

I do hope to see you there. It's really goin' down.

(UPDATE: Here's the Homeboy Sandman/J-Live/Feddi Man Flyer)

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Thomas said...

J-Live is one of my all-time faves. I'll happen to be in Dallas Saturday when he's playing at the Lounge on Elm Street. Definitely looking forward to it.