Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Message to Austin Rappers from Hot 93's Deuce!

He ain't lying, a lot of y'all are trippin'.

But what about the songs that really are worth it? I feel like since every commercial station floats thru the air we breathe they should all have some sort of local show or some sort of policy that requires them to play at least a small percentage of locally made music every day. But I mean, you know, I ain't no businessman. (And this ain't Canada) And yes I mean rock, jazz, whatever stations, Not just "urban."

I know how dude feels though. He gives a couple artists an inch and then a bunch of them try to take a mile. It gets real tiring. On my old show, Damage Control, we had a policy to play music from everyone who came thru the door, genuinely in response to commercial radios refusal to play local, independent music. We did that on purpose, and yeah, it drove me a little crazy.

But I'd do it again. Damn I need to get back on the damn radio. Maybe even just on the internet. But then how would the people in prison hear me? Man, I don't know. I been itching to get back on the radio though.

And honestly, there's more good stuff coming out of Central Texas right now than anyone else will ever let you know. So yeah, I'ma have to kick this into gear.

Also there's a lot of bad shit. LOL at the stick man on the CD comment. I do have to say though, it's better than the hundreds, maybe thousands of totally blank CDRs that have been handed to me over time. Now THAT is the dumbest thing ever.

Anyway, I need to do a lot of things. I'll let you know when I do. And if you happen to have a radio station that needs a community voice, I'm down. (Kinda like how the rappers Deuce is speaking of do. "YOU SHOULD BE CALLING ME!" The audacity of myself, I know. I'll get it going soon.)


miss wind said...
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miss wind said...

you should do a show on kpwr.org , mos def

(check out my mans show too - superglaacticluva mix show)

Thomas said...

You need to be on KOOP

Anonymous said...

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Kc LHDC Heart said...

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