Friday, December 4, 2009

RIP Pimp C: 2 Years Ago Today...

But his legacy still lives on. The real essence of Pimp C will never die, for he hath left us with so much.

Pimp C on stage at SXSW 2007

First off lets give you something to listen to.

Click here to download the Damage Control Radio Show we did in Tribute to Pimp C Two Days After He Passed Away.

Click here to download the Damage Control Radio Show we did in Tribute to Pimp C One Year After He Passed.

Those two shows right there will provide you with like 6 hours of stories, music and information on Pimp C, and of course UGK. Both shows are legendary and full of music you won't hear anywhere else.

And the Mama Wes story part on the second one will really have you laughing and thinking...

Man, I have been around the world, I've been in the streets of many cities from sea to shining sea and beyond and I have witnessed first hand the mark UGK left on the world. The impact they had was immeasurable and continues to be to this day. The mans body may have left the earth, but his legacy lives on.

I hate to see people exploiting his name and the good name of UGK. Seriously. I know who UGK was and is, you know who UGK was and is. But i have been seeing people throwing that name up like it's nothing, like it's theirs man.

UGK For Life to me means that the music and the spirit will never die. It doesn't mean that a buncha people should be running around waving that name around like it's their flag.

For I really don't know anyone in the rap game right now that is coming with the raw power that UGK came with. The raw realness. The balance between street knowledge and serious intellect. The mission to bring the stories of the streets to the world, and the stories of the world to the streets.

I honestly don't know of anyone in the game who cares as much as Bun B and Pimp C cared about their people and this music. The time and effort and respect they put into their craft is unmatched in the rap game.

A thousand rappers want to be them, but no one seems to quite get it. That balance, that respect, that genuine realness.

Respect to Killer Mike, David Banner and a handful of other artists who really do care. Respect to everyone who is keeping Pimp C's name alive in a proper way. Respect to Bun B and the family of Pimp C.

Man, I miss that dudes voice. His music. His Ozone Columns. And I still think there's more to the story of his death than we will ever know.

RIP Pimp C. We miss you.

I wonder if Heaven has an internet cafe...

Anyway, today in Pimp's home of Port Arthur, his widow Chinara and some other good folks have put together a special event in his honor. I wanted to be there, but the weather man predicts snow and ice and I am not about to get stuck between here and Port Arthur on I-10 in an ice storm. I love the dude, and his whole family, but um, yeah, it's a snow day. Here's the info and some stuff to help you get through this day.



PRESS RELEASE – November 24, 2009; There are many ways to keep a legacy alive, or to keep one’s name relevant in the entertainment industry after an unfortunate and untimely passing. As for Chad Butler aka ‘Pimp C’, his wife Chinara Butler is putting forth her efforts to do just that, Friday, December 4th, 2009.

UGQ, Inc., founded by Chinara Butler and her late husband, has united with CCM Foundation and S.E.A.C (Syphillis Elimation Advisory Committee), to bring you the Inaugural Chad ‘Pimp C’ Butler Hip Hop & Health/Wellness Fair in their hometown of Port Arthur, Texas, which will be held on Friday, December 4th, at 6pm-10pm at the Port Arthur Pavilion. This event will be held every year on December 4th, the unfortunate day we lost a musical Legend, who had many dreams in store for his we start here.

The Chad Butler Hip Hop & Health/Wellness Fair was founded in remembrance of Pimp C to start raising awareness for our youth today, whom sometimes lack the resources or even the knowledge to realize the importance of regular physical exams, frequent HIV/STD testing, drug prevention and abuse. The Port Arthur Health Department will be in attendance to provide these services, along with free vaccinations, as they are dedicated in promoting a healthy community. There will be a small donation fee of $5 and can good drop at entry.

Port Arthur residents will also get to enjoy live entertainment from special celebrity guests (TBA) to keep this event celebratory and educational at the same time. We will also be holding a Hip Hop 'MC' Battle for contestants who take an HIV/STD test and winner will take home $1000!!

(The Texas Department of State Health Services' data from 2005 revealed that Region 6, the region that includes Jefferson County, ranked number two out of the 11 Texas regions in confirmed cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis and #1 in AIDS cases. These numbers can be reduced dramatically by raising awareness and constantly educating the public about diseases that are easily preventable.)

We genuinely appreciate your support in advance and look forward to your participation in the Inaugural Chad ‘Pimp C’ Butler Hip Hop, Health & Wellness Fair.

Interview with Bun B just after Pimp C passed.

Oh yeah, here's your Pimp C avatar. I don't remember who made this, shit, but we appreciate it.

On Stage at SXSW 2007



Unknown said...

RIP for sure. The rap game needs him so much too. Sucks.

I wish I could make it out to PA as well, but I am giggin and this dang weather ain't cooperating.

Respect to Chinara for putting this wellness fest on.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Matt for your posting these gracious words of Pimp C/UGK. Hate we gon miss you today!!

Thomas said...

Well said, Matt. Respect to the Pimp.

You mention the balance between street knowledge and serious intellect - I'm curious what your thoughts are on Freddie Gibbs from Gary, IN. There's a good feature on him in the current LA Weekly.

Pushermania said...

I like Freddie I have known him for years. We used to chat on AIM and shit. Glad to see he is getting his, I need to read that piece.

Anonymous said...

Is there going to be a third Damage Control tribute this year?

Thomas said...

A good read:

boi-dan said...

I was looking forward to you on Damage Control this year, I was waiting for some unreleased music and your commentary.

Pushermania said...

Man I couldn't make it to Houston this year. I wish I could have. Its just hectic time man. RIP PIMP C.