Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Some thangs to watch over them Holidaze

First of all check out the new video from MOJOE out of San Antonio featuring Bavu Blakes from Austin, but on the way to Los Angeles very soon - "A Strange Revival."

Mojoe "Strange Revival" ft. Bavu Blakes VIDEO Dookie Vizion Productions from The 54 Reality Show on Vimeo.

Dope ass song and video for sure and it was directed by my brothers at Dookie Vision Productions, aka Crew 54. Straight up man, Central Texas has a lot to offer and I think that 2010 is going to be big for us. That real, genuine, hip-hop.

Soulful, Texas, Real.

Also my man Ruben Cantu sent me a short film he produced for the Nikon Festival. It is some sort of contest, Ashton Kucher is behind it, um lemme let Ruben tell you:

"Good news though! Drama made it into the Nikon fest, and as of yesterday it was one of the top 10 films in contention. We created the site to get people to find out and view the film. Once they did they could vote for it (5 stars)

We were selected out of 1000+ submissions worldwide and we are fighting for 2 prizes.

The grand prize is the judges award, not affected by views or votes. This is solely their discretion. That winner gets 100k. The rest get to fight for the votes from the audience and the winner gets 25k. So just in case we don't get the judges award, we would like to walk away with the audience award.

As of right now, we have about 2-300 votes. But the leader has like 700. I am on a massive promotions campaign trying to get this film to number 1. Yesterday we were number 3 and today outside of the top 10. Its highly competitive and we have till Jan 13th until they announce the winner.

If we win, we can keep making films in Austin, if not, we're still broke trying to make it. If you can lend a hand and post it on your blog we would be mad grateful. We have Austin Cipher in the credits on the longer version and also First Class Fresh another local hip hop group."

Suffice it to say I support my man and his efforts, check out the film and please go vote!

Then below check out a local Austin television show called Powerhouse TV. They come on every week and I am going to try and remember to post the show every week as they give a great look at some of the people really making it happen in Texas rap these days. peep it out!

TX Power House TV - Episode 9 from Texas Power House TV on Vimeo.

And Happy Holidaze! I may or may not be back in the next couple of days.

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