Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bun B to Compete in the Gumball 3000?

I honestly didn't know what the Gumball 3000 was until Bun called me this morning and told me he leaves tomorrow for it. Man, looks like some Cannonball Run 2010 shit complete with David Hasslehoff and shit.

Check the site here. Wow. Speechless.

Bun says the route is London - Amsterdam - Copenhagen - Stockholm. Then they fly to Boston and drive I think to Montreal - Toronto - New York. Check the site, I may have missed something, but this is insane.

Watch that ass on the Autobahn in Germany on the way to CPH real talk. When Devin and I were driving it last year, I'd look in the rear view, see a car WAAAAY back behind us in the left lane, and want to jump in the left and pass and before I could even hit my blinker the car that was once in my mirror was way out in front of me. Driving on the Autobahn is fun, to say the least.

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