Thursday, April 22, 2010

An Open Letter to 97.9 The Box
From Matt Sonzala

To Whom it May Concern,

And as this is an "open letter," I mean all y'all. All of you who are or should be concerned about the situation happening at 97.9 The Box in Houston."

It pains me to write this letter, as this week, I along with every lover of hip-hop music and culture have already been hit hard by the passing of Keith "Guru" Elam. When Guru, the voice behind Gang Starr, passed away on Tuesday, I and plenty of other people pulled out our old Gang Starr records and celebrated the life of one of hip-hop's most engaging and important MC's. We listened to his music as we mourned our collective loss.

As I listened, I personally began thinking hard about hip-hop, and what it has become. Listening to his deft word play and deep, meaningful lyrics, often about street life, I felt a jolt of energy flow through me, like something I haven't felt in a long time. I realized while listening to this music, some of which is 20 years old, how much hip-hop music has taught me throughout my life. This week - tragically through Guru's passing - I remembered that hip-hop music is a serious gift to our generation.

And the loss of Guru made me think about how much we need to respect its power.

When I heard about 97.9 The Box (KBXX) banning Trae tha Truth, I honestly brushed it off. Fact of the matter is, Trae has the support of the streets of Houston. And I figured that an MC of his stature in the community probably doesn't really even need a station like The Box.

Then on the night of Wednesday April 21st, I got the news that the Kracker Nuttz - a group of three incredible DJ's who have been on KBXX for over 12 years, and were always rated extremely high in the market as they were not afraid to take chances and play certain hip-hop music that exists "outside the box," - had been fired from KBXX for playing a Chamillionaire song that featured a verse from Trae.

I then realized that this situation affects a lot more than just Trae.

For anyone reading this letter who does not know what went down, allow me to try to briefly explain.

A couple years back, the City of Houston and its former Mayor Bill White, issued Trae tha Truth a proclamation and a humanitarian award in honor of all of the community work he has done in his city. The day this proclamation was given has now become known as Trae Day in Houston.

On the second anniversary of Trae Day, Trae held a concert and carnival of sorts for families on the campus of Texas Southern University. After a positive day of music, fun and games, and after Trae and all of the other artists, presenters and much of the crowd had left, there was an altercation that involved gun play.

The next morning, KBXX conducted an interview with Trae. On air personality Nnete made some off color comments that from all accounts I have received, implied that a situation like this would of course happen at an event produced by Trae Tha Truth. Basically she said that these are the kinds of people that he and his music attract.

Bun B phoned in to the station immediately after hearing that and told them that they were wrong for what they said.

Trae of course took offense to the statements made against him and on his next mix CD, mentioned Nnete on two songs. The rhymes were insulting, but not threatening.

After that he was banned from KBXX, and rumor has it, all Radio 1 owned stations.

This is the email that was allegedly sent to all staff at KBXX:

"URGENT: - Effective Immediately: DO NOT AIR: "Trae tha Truth" on our station. No interviews, no calls, no comments, no posts on our website, no station twitter, no station facebook, no songs in mix show no verses on remixes, or songs in regular rotation. No exceptions. The current online postings will be removed shortly. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors. Thank u. Have a great weekend!"

So in effect, Trae has been banned from KBXX because of some words he said on a mixtape that were derogatory towards a KBXX employee.

I can semi-understand that as I am quite often quick to defend my people as well (as evidenced by this letter). But fact of the matter is, this is America and here we are supposed to have free speech. A man insulting another man or woman generally should not merit an all out ban.

But if you want to go deeper, KBXX boasts day in and day out that it is Houston's Home for "Interactive Hip-Hop and R&B." Meaning, in some way they represent hip-hop culture, and have even built a "home" for and from it in Houston.

Well, if this is the case, then this "hip-hop" station should recognize that what Trae did represents the essence of hip-hop. Before you go and label me some backpacker, who is overly sensitive about hip-hop (and uses words like "essence"), you, KBXX, have to realize that what you say every day about representing for hip-hop is serious to many of us.

Trae did not come down to the station and grab Nnete by the neck, he wrote a song that took some verbal stabs at her. Trae did not attack or disrupt any business being done by Nnete in the name of KBXX or otherwise. He wrote a song that she found to be insulting.

Nnete used her platform, under the banner of hip-hop, to air out her grievance with Trae, and Trae used his platform, under the banner of hip-hop, to air out his grievance with Nnete. And for this he has been banned? That is extremely petty, and goes very much against what hip-hop is and has been since it's inception.

Closing the door to dialogue is never positive, and that is exactly what KBXX has done.

In the time since the ban, DJ GT was suspended without pay for a week and a half for responding to a Twitter post that questioned his involvement in the ban (and supposedly mentioned his mother). DJ Baby Jae of the Kracker Nuttz was suspended for a week and a half without pay for making a mixtape - totally outside of the work environment - that featured Trae.

Two weeks ago, Houston rapper Killa Kyleon visited Michael Watts on his Swisha House mix show and shouted out Trae. The next day we learned that Kyleon was also banned from KBXX (though this has not been officially confirmed to me as of yet) and that the Swisha House show was cut down to only two hours.

UPDATE: Just got a text from someone at AMG stating that Killa Kyleon is NOT banned from KBXX and their issue has been resolved.

Now we come to learn that three of Houston's most respected DJ's, who served over 12 years on the air at KBXX, have been fired for playing a Chamillionaire song that features Trae.

It's just ridiculous.

In addition to these firings, other problems arise from the banning of Trae from KBXX. For one, Trae is an artist who can draw a strong crowd at a Houston club. KBXX is the main means of promoting a lot of the urban club nights that happen in Houston. If the promoter adds Trae to a show, he or she cannot have Trae mentioned in an advertisement, Trae music cannot be played in the advertisement, and nothing about Trae can be used in any sort of promotion on KBXX.

This limits many promoters ability to make money and survive in Houston.

It may not seem like much to you, but consider this scenario. In the days following the tragic earthquake in Haiti, Bun B put together a benefit concert with a lot of Houston hip-hop artists to raise money for the impoverished nation. Trae, being a popular artist and a man of the community was of course invited to be a part of it.

The event organizers were informed that KBXX would not support it at all, if Trae was a part of it. Trae decided to back out of the show so that it could be advertised and promoted on Houston's main urban radio outlet - but still showed up in support of the cause.

This ban affects a lot of things on a lot of levels and is a gross abuse of power on the part of KBXX. This especially pains me, as for years KBXX was one of the premier urban radio stations in the nation. I personally saw their ascent, as I interned on their promotions team for their first two years of existence. For two years in the early 1990's, I was out in the streets, driving their van and promoting their station. And at the time they were at war with Majic 102 to become the top urban station in the city.

They ended up winning, and winning big. You want to know how? They listened to and supported the community. They played records by UGK, Big Mello, Geto Boys, Scarface, all sorts of Houston rappers, many before anyone outside the city had ever heard of them. They kept it fresh, supported the city and stayed in the streets.

And they became an extreme force to be reckoned with in the Houston hip-hop community.

I'm not sure what happened after that, but it sure isn't like it was.

So I have a few questions for KBXX and Radio 1, but first I have to make this statement.

KBXX - you are in the wrong here. You initiated this problem, and now refuse to work to fix it. Your ban on Trae, and the subsequent actions you have taken on fairly innocent parties, is reprehensible and cowardly. It's also lazy. I realize that in the age of 140 character tweets and Facebook updates, genuine conversations often take a back seat. This situation merits a genuine conversation, and a solution.

Your half assed, one sided solution is not the answer.

My questions:

You play a song called "Mr. Hit That Hoe" almost every hour, every day. It plays like a mantra to the youth, spewing the nonsensical line over and over again "Hit that hoe, hit that hoe, hit that hoe, hit that hoe." How do you justify banning an artist who instead of hitting a woman when he was angry, wrote a song and attempted to make a point, rather than hurt someone? (And yes I understand the "sort of hip-hop" meaning of this song, but still, over and over it states "Hit that hoe, hit that hoe, hit that hoe, hit that hoe." And KBXX plays it, a lot.)

Do you recognize how far and wide this ban reaches, and how many people you are really affecting with this? Do you really want your actions to force supporters of your station to turn their backs on YOU?

Are you willing to talk to Trae and come to some sort of an agreement? Will you realize that you were wrong to fire the Kracker Nutz before some other station comes to town, snatches them up and destroys you from 7 p.m. - Midnight (or whatever slot they put them in)?

Will you admit to the city that you were hasty in making the decisions that you have made?

Or, will you tell the city the real reason you banned Trae the Truth? If there's another reason out there, and it is legitimate, this will save you from the backlash that you are about to endure.

Seriously, this issue has been blown way out of proportion, and a solution needs to be found. I don't really expect you or your corporate cronies to really care about the words that I am writing on this matter, but I do ask you to think about hip-hop, the culture that you misrepresent, and the effect you are having as a whole on the Houston Hip-Hop Community.

Sincerely (Thank u. Have a great weekend!),

Matt Sonzala


Anonymous said...


Brian said...

I was wondering what the deal was with 97.9 and Trae. I'm a huge fan of his music, but not being from Houston, I don't usually get the full story. This was really well-written, and I hope they actually consider what you've said. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

And you see why a lot of people say "F radio". They are so hypocritical with a lot of the stuff they do. It's already bad enough with the payola and them blindly supporting any Wayne, Gucci or Drake but cutting out indy artists... but to straight BAN Trae because of disrespectful comments by the on air personality? Are you serious? The only reason they didnt ban Bun B is because that would pretty stop people to listening to the station all together. Stuff like this ALWAYS comes back around so 97.9 you are on alert. Karma's coming and it's coming back hard.

99.7 WJMI, Jackson, MS the same goes for you with your NON-SUPPORT of Mississippi rappers but always jocking the Gucci and Wayne's and Jay-z's of the world when they dont give a damn about or even know about your station. You charging $1500 to indy artists here in MS but anytime an out of towner comes yall all on your knees sucking up to them... your time is coming too...

Anonymous said...

The whole thing about it is that the people at the station ain't even from Houston, They dont care about artist like Trae, zro, thats really in the city and represent it in a way the rest of the world wouldn't see or recognize otherwise. Its so many artist that don't get the recognition they have earned such as A3 just saw him perform at the block party on Mlk last Sunday and man! A lot of people, police even news showed up but no 97.9 the box but yall represent Houston? , j dawg, killa kyleon, let's not forget the legendary Spc, K rino, even the OG Suc of course. I'm a fan of real Houston music not that joneswallcham bs but True Htown music from those who live it daily everyother city embrace their own and that's why they stay on.The krackernuttz get fired for playin a Houston artist is insane..its time for us to support ours. Like the Pimp says {Rip} get off the Dumb shyt!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree completely with what you just said....the only "urban" radio Houston had, has now completely gone corporate and it's an embarrassment to even admit that I used to support such immature, ridiculous people.

Mofoz said...


Kuwn said...

It's good to see that there are some more people who are standing for a position in what's going on behind the scenes of the music BUSINESS. I hope that people will read your post and take notes. Im a promoter in Dallas and now I am learning to dj and thus dj my own events simply because of the kraziness I keep seeing right in front of me.

So I will say this, artists that have their suppor from the streets have alot more power to make positive pro-active decisions than they claim. Trae made a pro-active decision to talk about his issue on cd rather than do something which could have been more disastrous and harmful to himself and others. If the artists would learn to use the power that they have more constructively in the long run, you wouldnt have had to post about 979 and TRAE, you would have been posting on how they started their own radio station and just employed those djs that got fired. Something that is as simple as filling out an SXSW application. It's called PUTTING FORTH THE EFFORT.


Petu said...

Matt......Excellent. On point and well-written.

Kim said...

Matt...well done...I'm so glad that somebody put it out in the open about 97.9. I'm a dear friend of Trae's and this is just ridiculous..Ever since this madness I don't even listen to 97.9 anymore. This is just a prime example of the Dominio Affect of banning Trae's music and other artist's featuring Trae will have on the company. If 97.9 keeps up this foolishness they will continue to loose Houston listeners. What gets me about Nnete is that she very judgmental and voices her opinion about anyone including her very own co-workers at will. So what Trae made comments about Nnete in a song...It's about time somebody did..Nnete needs to stay professional and she should've made those comments to Trae over the Air...Big ups to Trae and the DJ's affected by 97.9...I will forever support you'll :) / DC2C said...

This was very powerful and true!

Unknown said...

I've been tryin to get ppl to c 97.9 for who they really are for a very long time. When I travel to Louisiana, Mississippi, Bama, Florida...the radio station supports ALL OF THE NATIVE MUSIC...not just the ones doing major deals BUT ALL. As an artist from HOUSTON...there shouldnt be a reason for artists like SHORT DAWGG and KIOTTI moving to ATL to get shine when Radio 1/97.9 KBXX could have given that shine here in Houston. The DJs we have now do not epitomize what the HOUSTON hip hop culture; they're more focused on mainstream Hip Hop which is very lost right now. They're already going thru a radio recession (What's your reality commercials.I think they really are hangin themselves on this one. TRAE puts on for the city of HOUSTON..he gives back to the community...How can you hate on that?! Its time 4 change HOUSTON...and its coming.

Callye Peyrovi said...

Dear Matt,
Respected response to the situation. Your outlook matches the view of the better part of the Houston community. Thank you for that insight, I concur.

Well said...

Callye Peyrovi

Anonymous said...

I CONCUR...this was well put

lar said...

disgusting. all such radio stations need the rug yanked

DJ Kool Emdee said...

Outside of the situation you write about, most of what you said is why I only listen to certain stations b/c of certain shows on other stations. I'm not all that familiar w/ who this guy is and it doesn't surprise me that the "Box" (get it?) did something like this.

To give a scenario of how I treat people is, I give out either are going to tie a knot on the end and hang on (meaning to maintain a good relationship w/ me)or hang yourself with it. This wack ass radio station is hanging itself and losing money in the process. For them to not want to participate in a benefit b/c this guy was a part of it means they weren't and aren't too sincere about a people in need.

Commercial radio nationwide is dying, thanks to internet and satellite radio. To the "Box"....FUCK'EM!

Pushermania said...

Actually most commercial stations don't play local artists anywhere, even NY and LA. They play some, but not a ton.

Texas Girl said...

This is sad... Matt you're on it. They don't play what we need to hear, thus I listen to my iPod and encourage others to do the same or search for the types of music that can challenge their ear. Folks and their egos...

wh_te said...

WOW GUX say F the radio from which it comes. Sounds like cowards. this is why "us" artist have to leave our own megacity to go big. It is not just the KBXX trippin, the buzz could use a butt chewing too. Artist DIY or independent, radio and local media is all we have to promote and push ourselves. So why would you take that trust away from the people. please ban RADIO 1 station from your cars & your kids! @wh_te

Anonymous said...

The KNuttz gone over politics! Trae responded to a journalist as any one would. Journalism 101- If you cross the line, be prepared to cross back over with blisters. Jocks cross the lines sometimes but not all artists respond.If you want to be politically correct.Why is is that the PD & The most important person on air are intimate? Why do individuals involved the Mix show charge locals to play their music? Payola= IlEGAL..,
Question when was the last time you heard someone on the Box scratch and really mix (Not scratch before transition)? Who else on the Box digs deep and drops a Wu -Tang joint! But the Box will play the he** out of Gucci. OMG, WTF.. Save black radio, smh, lmao I say "f wack radio"... I'm thankful my husband got me xm for the ride.
Nicka One is a joke.... Let's go Rickey!!!

Anonymous said...

The Kracker Nuttz is the only reason we all listened to 97.9 The Box! Props to Matt Sonzala for a very well writen letter. Radio one needs to fire the (Program Director Terri Thomas) and (General Manager Doug Abernethy) of The Box. We demand a statement from Cathy Hughes and Alfred Liggins on this important matter. H-Town we need to stand up and fight the power! Band 97.9 The Box! Magic 102.1! and Praise 92.1! (all of the Radio One stations)They are definetly wrong for all of this! Do not support them! This has to deal some how with all the GO DJs and 97.9 The Box (Music Director J Que & PD T. Thomas)I smell

Anonymous said...

Fire The Mad Hatter and J Mac! Word is that Mad Hatter has a love relationship with the lady Program Director of The Box. (against company policies) J Mac snitched on Michael 5000 Watts when killa shouted out Trae on the swisher house show. That team plays dirty together to climb the corperate ladder! Everybody knows. Fuck The Box!

Anonymous said...

I am Houston "born and "raised." "I rep my school "R.S.S." and I rep. my hood. I am a firm believer that music is an art of expression and truth about occurrences within our communities and race that often go ignored. Growing up listening to the Ghetto boys really made me pay attention to my surroundings. Radio has changed tremendously. When you begin to ban our black artist from the stations, you have allowed those elected officials to succeed in their efforts to control and re-vamp the essence of black music and radio personalities. I agree with the mention of those personalities which are not from Houston. They have not lived here long enough to understand that Houston's Black communities carry more than just a culture of their own. They represent more than what society has labeled us to be. There is a message in the lyrics that is often associated with negativity when in all actuality it is the truth. It is freedom of speech and expression. Unfortunately we don't live in a perfect "green" world. We turn the radio on, just as we turn it off. No krackernuttz? I would love replacing Mad Hatter,J Mac. and especially Nnete with the krackernuttz. Nnete does often speak on matters in which she is degrading, extremely judgemental, and often simply silly. How does one become offended so easily by comments and she does this on a daily basis. I listen to I can create my own stations with Slim Thug, Trae, Lil Flip, The Ghetto Boys, UGK, and all of the Houston artist with NO problems and drama. I use to listen to 97.9 on the way to work, notice I said use to. I rather pop in a c.d. from a kid in the hood on my drive in. Much love to the brother that wrote this article. Thanks for exposing the TRUTH, that often people close their ears to.

Anonymous said...

As everyone has stated, this letter exposes these cats for who they are. Hatta and J-Mac are marks and cowards....just ask K-RINO and the rest of the SPC. Nete is a ignorant chick...always has been...and is evident by her comments on 97.9.

I wonder what "Petey" Greene would have to say to Cathy Hughes about this violation. How often must we forget from wenst we came.

The only way to cure us of this cancer is to hit them where it hurts. Continue to spread the word and boycott everything they engange in through simply refusing to attend and finacially support any event sponsored by 97.9 as well as Magic 102.1 (their sister station).

Money makes the world go 'round, so let's, as a collective body exert our power, and bring their's to a CRUSHING HALT.

Unknown said...

ITS 97.9'S RIGHT TO BAN WHOEVER THEY WANT FOR WHATEVER REASON THEY WANT. its not your company, its not the people of houston's company. who are you to tell them what they can and cant do? freedom of speech is fine but they have the right as a PRIVATE COMPANY to play or not play whoever they want

Anonymous said...

I have worked with Trae for 8 or more years and I have nothing but respect for him. He is an outspoken young man who is concerned for his community and his people. He has always risen to the occasion, stood his ground, and fought for the things he believes in. I honestly think Trae could give a damn about being banned for the BOX. I don't think he really needs your radio station just like the south never really needed the major labels. That is Trae's battle to fight.

The thing that pisses me off is that you attacked the community and multiple friends of us all for supporting a person who is an inspiration. You fired the Crackernutz???? for playing a song with Trae and Chamillionaire????

F**K you, Ban the radio people.
This is the future. We don't have to listen to commercials anymore to hear shit we heard 10 times today already.

Anonymous said...

wuddup brothers and sisters let me put yall on some knowledge real quick. The station has changed because the people at the top who make the rules have changed. That lady was a hypocrite to the fullest!
all these secret society that are taking over hip hop is messing it all up. Just like 2 pac said
( You know what the funy thing is non of these politicians is even getten at us, But I promis you! I promis you! by the next election we all gonna be sittin across the table from all politicians) Remember Hip Hop aint Hip Hop if you Got the presadents number in your phone. you see they dont want to here trea becouse he speaks the truth, they want him to lie about everything. stuff he does on the outside, and his music he plays on the radio, they want him to teach people to do worse neagtive things, They want his soul basicly. You Know I respect Trea he makes good music, and its real. But Trea, brother, its time to stop fighting evil with evil. I know if you dont do what the tell you, you wont make money and loose everything you have. but the time is now brother I see your Cuzzin Z ro getting close to God, Jesus is calling you for a mission. Its the new Genration Brother. instead of the poision God is fighting back against satans tecnology, its like an Antivenom. Houston aint going to stop listening to you trea you Got a flame Just like pimp c did
and 2 pac. But its time to finish what DR. Martin Luther King was talking about, right before they killed him. The promis Land aint that far away trea, He is coming soon. its up to you to guide the hood to him. Z ro you almost their brother! much love to the the both of you God bless.
R.I.P Pimp C

Anonymous said...

Great article. 97.9 morning show sucks anyway. Hatter is way to old for this show and Nnette is extremely untalented and unattractive.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this article. Im H-Town born and raised and i didnt even know about this situation. "It's not Knowledge unless u share it"

Anonymous said...

lets be honest, the box doesnt play hip hop. they like to play the same generic rap with a few good songs sprinkled through out.

Long Paper Texas said...

I mean really....they had to ban him for over a words that are technically true. Tha Boxx is losing a listener and if this continues will lose the whole of Houston.

Brian Manshadi aka DJ Mizzy said...

I hope it's not late to voice my opinion. If there is anything a local Houstonian can do to help support Trae the other victims of this horrible ban let me know Matt. Yes i'm one of those indie heads that love to say "Eff Da Radio". I grown up listening to Texas rappers. This is my home, and some radio personality will have to think twice before ever disrespecting the people who have inspired me as an artist!! I guess it's not just Nnete, but the whole Radio 1 and their foolish decisions.

Let's see how this will play out. For now I will continue to play my controversial houston rappers that we all know about. Please let us know Matt how Trae's court trail will end up. I'm curious to know.

Chunk up da deuce for the nawf and souf.

Anonymous said...

I hope KBXX goes out of F*****g business when they pass the bill for the radio stations to pay to play music and the radio DJ that ran her mouth like a little 13 year old girl, gets taught a lesson by losing her job and not getting hired somewhere else. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA.

Monique said...

I am completely shocked at the acts that this had lead to. Trae makes music and speaks his mind just like any other rapper. I don't find anything offensive in his music. So he made fun of somebody big deal. Lil' Wayne and Jay-Z are out there rapping talking about murdering people. I truly do miss the KrackerNutz and Trae.

Monique said...

We as listeners are supporting Radio 1 and fighting Congress not to pass the bill. With ish like this I would go with Congress and have Radio 1 shows get cancelled. The Box Listeners always thank the station for being supportive of the community and always being involved. How are you ebing supportive of your listeners by banning Trae and cutting down Michael Watts show down to 2 hours?

Anonymous said...

97.9, turns out to be fake anyway. Yeah they feature DJ's from our city, but they play more music from other regions than our own anyway.

It have to be some type motive that that is not being seen on why they banned Trae.

But the thing is, f*ck 97.9 anyway. If it was up to me, I would start a radio station to end 97.9 or make them take a backseat and go with someone other than Radio one, punk asses.

Besides getting offended and upset about trae calling her fat and shit, Nnate shouldve took that as a motivation to take her ass to a treadmill. What because I said that 97.9 gonna bann me from listening to their station, a station i dont listen to anyway.

But with this lawsuit going, I hope that Trae bankrupt their ass or cause major damage to that business.

Unknown said...

This is all such bull****!
Coming from a Houston Hip Hop head, I can't believe what 97.9 is doing here. I loved this radio station and now I've hopped on board with Trae and the Kracker Nuttz to boycott the Box.
Your letter to them is very eloquent, and well put and I hope that they take you seriously, Matt.
I wrote something about it as well on my tumblr,
if you have the time, I'd appreciate you reading it and passing it along in the name of hip hop!
-Chachi Sabate

Danielle said...

thank u for the story. im from Houston but i dont really listen to the radio because i personally think that music sucks now lol. but they fired them for playing Trae who was banned for talking s*** about N'nete who started the whole thing anyway?? thats not right because N'nete is known for getting out of line and thinking she can just say and do whatever because she is a local radio DJ, whatever...97.9 is wrong and they know it. as of today, i heard (not sure if it's true just yet) DJ Brandi Garcia has been fired for playing a song with Trae in it during the 50 Cent concert....

Anonymous said...

I don't live in Texas and have no idea what's goin on with this ban outside of what I just read. However, it sounds to me like the people running this station are some of the biggest douchebags in the country. How are you gonna fire three beloved DJ's (thus, i assume, insulting, offending, and hurting them) because they disrespected a stupid rule enacted in defense of one (probably less respected) lady who started the conflict in the first place? I don't listen to the radio because they don't play good music, but if I were in search of another reason I think this would suffice. Texas people need to boycott these fuckers. Trae's a beast.

Also, very nicely worded letter. Not that it will do anything, because logic clearly escapes the people in charge of that station, but it's a respectable effort.

Anonymous said...


Monique said...

This just in...DJ Brandi Garcia has also been let go because she played a song that featured Trae and it wasn't even a box event. WTH?

Montanna Mitchem said...

Luv'd your article... Glad you stood up for whats right! Trae def deserves some grupie luv!

xoxo.. Montanna