Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This post should be titled HAPPY 420
But alas, no
Rest In Power Keith "Guru" Elam

One of the most influential voices in hip-hop PERIOD has passed. The voice behind Gang Starr, the visionary behind Jazzmatazz, the man whose rhymes influenced and challenged a generation of MC's.

The legendary Guru has succumbed to cancer, so today, while we blow big in his honor and in honor of this great holiday (#420), lets jam.

Mass Appeal

Code of the Streets

Just To Get A Rep

Jazz Thing - this one really opened a lot of doors...

Suckas Need Bodyguards

I gotta speak on this one right quick. Back in 1994, I moved to NYC and lived there for a year. Man, I would go to all the parties I could get into. I'd hit any studio I was invited to. I really tried to live that NY no sleep life. Had all these industry dreams and once I spent a year in NY, I realized that well, I am definitely not "industry." Anyway, I would see Guru and Premo EVERYWHERE it seemed. If the party was jumpin', there was Guru and Premo. Generally not together from what I remember. I'd even see him on the streets, walking one deep.

In fact, at one party, a free drink event that we definitely drank our share at, I saw Guru walk out of the bathroom, and go down on one knee. People just walked past him. I gave it like 20 seconds then went up to him and asked if he was ok. He "came to" and just looked at me and said "Yeah yeah, I'm alright, thanks for checking on me brother for real I appreciate that, thanks, thanks a lot brother."

And he walked off fairly quickly. Not sure what happened. I mean, it's happened to most all of us at one point or another, possibly going to the floor at a party, but whatever. I will never forget that shit. I also was thinking about the whole bodyguard thing that night and how unprotected he was. He didn't have to be. Hip-hop had his back. I mean think about it, if you come from my generation, you loved Gang Starr. I don't mean you just loved their music, you loved Gang Starr.

Don't ever forget Guru and lets keep DJ Premiers name poppin' as it deserves to be as well.

Step In The Arena

Who's Gonna Take the Weight (This is a real question and one of my favorite songs of all time)

Words I Manifest

Name 3 current Muslim MCs. I can't off top right now. What happened to THIS kind of rapping? I learned so much from music growing up. I thank Guru for everything he gave us.

Full Clip

Man, them Premo beats... "In this business of rap."

There's so many songs that I could post, but that's a good start. As always, when this happens we tend to retreat and reflect upon those who have passed. While that is natural, we also need to look forward, and celebrate the present and the presents that have been given to all of us. Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal would appreciate that I am sure. Now go celebrate someone you love, and someone who you feel does great things.

Wait, one more.

You Know My Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez.


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