Tuesday, July 6, 2010

TONIGHT! Live in Austin: CAGE!

He was Eminem's arch nemesis back when the Slim Shady LP came out, and many, including me would argue that Cage is the better writer of the two. Both always came with the heavy lyrics from the darker side of their souls, but while Eminem shocked, quite often Cage to me would tell deeper stories. And tonight you can see him LIVE at The Mohawk.

His earlier work was some pretty straight ahead east coast hip-hop. I'll never forget the tape I got from Bobbito back in the early 90s that had a couple of songs from a group called Mudbones. This was Cage's group when he was in his mid-teens. Then I heard his verse on Pete Nice's solo album, and was pretty much sold on the kid. Though I really never went nuts for him.

Then his last album came out last year, Depart from Me, and I found myself listening to it almost daily. It's like, my kind of rap album. Serious lyrics, diverse sounds, forward thinking however introspective. It was a pretty perfect work of art that I think was probably slept on pretty heavily. This could be a great show and I'ma try to get out and see him.

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