Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My High School Soundtrack in Austin This Month

Mayne hold up check this shit out. Some of my favorite musical artists of all time, since my youths, all coming to Austin in the next week or so.

Starting Thursday with Prince Paul!

Aceyalone, Riddlore, Virus, Omega Jackson, Pterodactyl, DJ Digg, Hobo D and more!

Then Friday night the Gorillaz after-party with DJ Maseo of De La Soul!

And then next week it really goes down.

Bad Brains live at Mohawk!

And Butthole Surfers live at the Scoot Inn TWICE! (Once with the Meat Puppets...)

So in honor of these legends coming to the stages of Austin, I found this old tape I had. I used to be a serious live show trader for a few years, and I had this one with Butthole Surfers live at Paradiso in Amsterdam in 1986, a show that was later broadcast on VPRO Radio, and on the other side was Bad Brains live in 1987 at the Fast N Cool Club in Houston. I wasn't at either of these but have listened to them each a hundred times. Can't wait to see them all again.

Butthole Surfers - Live at Paradiso, Amsterdam, May 10, 1986

Bad Brains - Live at Fast N Cool Club, Houston, Feb. 24, 1987

I'll post about some new shit coming up too (Chico Mann!) and tomorrow I should be able to fully announce both parties I have coming up. Fun Fun Fun Fest preview post coming soon as well. Did you get your tickets yet?

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