Monday, October 11, 2010

Pop Montreal 2010 Really Went Down!

Once again. My 5th consecutive Pop Montreal. I first went there with Devin, when he did that show with Chromeo. Hell I've documented my every trip to Montreal somewhere on HoustonSoReal or AustinSurreal, what a town, what a fest, check the pics! And fool report.

I regrettably did not get as many graffiti pics as I normally do in Montreal but you know... I got to see some great bands, mostly Canadian and saw some great friends. What a great event!

The fest started off like it always does for me man, the opening reception and man how dope is it that they had DJ Rollie Pemberton aka Cadence Weapon on the wheels!

Patricia in the house!

The heirs to the Pop Montreal throne!

Saw one of my favorite bands of all time, Negative Approach of course.

Fuckin' killed it


There's spots liek this all over downtown Montreal. What could possibly go on in there?

I saw this band and everyone was freaking out about them and way into them and then my photo came out like this and I have no idea who they are. But man, yeah, they were great.

Saw my late night TV Friends again.

And again, what the fuck is this show?

My man Harris Rosen came down from the T-Dot and we really kicked it. Seen here just before having a (g)nosh, as they say.

Finally went up on that big hill for a good look at the city. Montreal is one of my favorite cities to look at when arriving by plane. So cool.

On the last day, Harris and I took a lil break to go clean up the smog den that was my hotel room, and watch Fubar. I GOT to see Fubar 2, which just came out in Canada last week.

This my people.

Yeah, I recycle, even on the road.

Dude at the store down the street got a lil agged with me, on some "WE DON'T TAKE THESE CANS!" Type steez. I was just trying to stack my nickles, quit hatin'.

I love the Notman House.

How the hell I run into my boy Trey randomly in MTL?

More or Les & Fresh Kills killed it multiple times during Pop Montreal, as always.

And the fact that this party had a Justin Bieber pinata meant a lot to me. I wish my kids would have been there. They would have slaughtered the thing.

They did a pretty good job themselves tho.

Ubisoft had a party on a roof, for more beautiful Montreal views.

The Seligman Family!

Todd Cote of Leafy Green, Rosa from Transmission/Green Potato Ventures and Gourmet Delice from Bonsound!

And yeah, as fun as music events can be, lest we never forget, there is a dark side.

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