Thursday, October 7, 2010

New video from Austin's Bali Yaaah!

Look I'm not gonna become one of those bloggin' motherfuckers that just posts motherfuckin' videos all the time, I hate that shit, I really do, but for the moment, I got these videos see, and you need to see them. Today, you must check this one, for this is my fuckin' jam. Best new band in Austin at the moment hands down fuck what a hater say Bali Yaaah is killin' it.

See for yourself.

Where that Butcher Bear and Charlie video at? Now THAT'S a jammin' fuckin' album.

Good morning. I'm going to the Sonic Youth ACL taping tonight so I'm giddy.

Oh wait here's the Bali Yaaah mixtape. I don't know how to DL it or I'd be jammin' it in my ride RIGHT NOW. I mean when I leave the house.

bali yaaah mini mix tape by Bali Yaaah

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