Monday, December 13, 2010

ArtSlam San Antonio Holidaze Party REALLY WENT DOWN!

Man big ups to my bro Scuba Gooding Sr., and all the good folks at Artslam in San Antonio for having me down to play my misfit Christmas tune collection for the people. Was super fun and what a great crowd and great bands.

Now it's off to work I go, but after work I'll be headed out to HOUSTON! See flyer below for a quick in and out trip, to do the same thang, SPREAD CHRISTMAS CHEER!

Anyway here's the photos, I need to go to San Antonio way more often.

Dude seriously, these hula hoopers from Hoop Hoop Hooray in San Marcos literally hula hooped the entire night, for hours, without stopping. Shit was insane. I've never been able to hula hoop, at all.

The dudes behind the Artslam event at hand! WORD UP! Thanks guys.

THey had a bunch of artists painting on the spot and holding a silent auction.

This is Aesop, and we got the purple dude on wood panel piece behind him in our living room right now!

First band Azul rocked the place into oblivion.

Really went down!

Elena was really feeling it, seen here with her cousin Sara.

Pop Pistol came on second and straight wrecked. Heavy rhythms and outer spacey fuzz.

And the headliner of the event, Henry & the Invisibles - a one man band that straddles genres like a drunken cowboy from Mars turned the place upside down.

What a show for real. I need to go to San Antonio way more often. SanAntonioSoReal.

And I could have spent...

A lot of money...

On this particular night...

But really couldn't...

And didn't...

But wish I could and one day I will. Happy Holidaze y'all. Keep yer heads up and I hope to see all my Houston people TONIGHT at THE FLAT! 1701 Commonwealth!

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cool post...nice pics