Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Swisha House Goes Dubstep?

Wowsers! Word to BMC and that man Michael Watts for taking the Swisha House to that next level of the damn game!

You know I love to see Houston rap branch out into different directions. And this is quite a different direction. Tape is jammin'! Peep the info below and definitely get yourself a copy!

Swisha House Presents Badbwoy BMC - Welcome 2 Trillstep

The Dubstep Remixes

Houston, TX - December 4th, 2010 -- Swisha House raises the bar once again. Notorious for their uncanny ability to recognize and identify the freshest talent emerging from the streets of Houston, the renowned label’s latest innovation to the game is the introduction of a new blend of trademark southern rap music with a progressive new style of bass music, dubstep. Enter dj/producer Badbwoy BMC with his inaugural mix tape debut "Welcome to Trillstep.” Which is hitting distributors on November 26, 2010.

For more than a decade, Badbwoy BMC has influenced and define Bass Music Culture in Houston, Texas and abroad. One of the most sought after jungle/drum ‘n bass/ dubstep Djs in Texas, BMC now double duties as a producer creating an original and unique style that represents a phenomenal transitions into a new era of two cultures. BMC is one of the most qualified DJ in the industry capable of integrating and combining southern rap elements with the subversive and grimey ingredients of dubstep creating “TrillStep”.

Badbwoy BMC’s first release on Swisha House will be an impressive 25 track dubstep remix CD. Featuring remixes of Paul Walls "Chunk up the Duce", "Iced Out", "They Don't Know" and Surreall’s (the first lady out of Swisha House) "Know How To“. Badbwoy Bmc doesn't stop there as he brands many of Houston's most talented rappers such as Slim Thug, Bun B, and Lil KeKe with his Trillstep stamp.

Welcome 2 Trillstep Track listing:

Eye Ten - Houston
Rob G - Rep ya block
paul wall - not my friend
badbwoy bmc - break dem boyz off
paul wall feat: ugk - chunk up the duece - lemiwinks/badbwoy bmc mash up
chi - dubstep mash
chango - rep the dirty souf rmx
paul wall - round here - bmc edit
ludacris - stick em up - badbwoy bmc remix
ludacris - pussy poppin - badbwoy bmc edit
badbwoy bmc feat UGK - it's goin down
lil keke - i love my city - bmc glitched
Slim Thug - We got the club shut down - suma edit
Trae Feat: Bun B , ZRO - Beware - badbwoy bmc & nine remix
Slim Thug - In Da Vip
Hotsoap - 24's
Paul Wall & Keke - Showin my Skillz - Badbwoy bmc remix
Paul Wall feat slim thug * archie - They Don't know - Badbwoy bmc remix
Paul Wall Cstone Johnny Dang - Iced UP - badbwoy bmc remix
Diplo feat Lil John - Get the Fuck up - Datsik rmx
Zro - One Two - Badbwoy BMC remix
Surreall - I know how - Badbwoy bmc remix
Paul Wall * Sunny - Full Time Hustlers - Badbwoy BMc remix
Jezzy - Southside - Badbwoy BMC & Suma remix
Bun B - Everything you do - Dread Foxx remix
Paul Wall - Rep Tex - Badbwoy BMC remix

for more information, promo requests or to set up an interview, please contact Bill McCain -


I played a few jams from this disc on the AustinSurreal Show this week. If you want a lil preview click here and peep the show!


Unknown said...

Went to the release show last saturday. Pretty awesome to see Surreal flowing over dubstep beats.


Respect to SoReal - always on the forefront in everything he does!

Hanz said...

Thanks for sharing. I listen to some of those artists.