Tuesday, January 25, 2011

AustinSurreal & HoustonSoReal, TX go hand in hand for me

I been real lazy with the camera lately but I caught a few flicks on the last couple shows I hit, and here they are.

First up man, I shoulda shot way more here but the crowd was so thick. But man, Kydd shut it down in a major way.

Opening for the Cool Kids just after Napalm at The Mohawk in Austin. with Corey Kendrix and DJ Charlie of course.

Dudes killed it with the live band.

And I mean I still hadn't resolved my issue with my flash so I didn't take a lot there. But I went to Houston Sunday. Only caught the end of the Sneaker Summit but WOW @htownsnkrsummit seriously they done grew into the Toyota Center!

But I was lazy there too but then I went home. To my straight up home base club, the place I love to kick it the most, Warehouse Live. I am not even kidding it was so dope to be back there.

I finally got to see L.E.S.!

And I mean man the line up was dope as hell. Cool Kids with Killa Kyleon, L.E.S., Mookie Jones, Kydd, man it seriously went down.

Krang da Brain, DeAndrea Wright, Gu-U, DJ Ebonix, T-Piper Like Whoa.

Lyall and Rapid Ric!

Edica and Sean Lala of that VAN CITY! En route to Monterrey, all my MTY folk hit him up.

Kerry Toorcana and Shina Rae up in the spot!

KILLA KYLEON! Lets go 2011.

T. Piper is doing great things in Houston.

DeAndrea Wright and Jack Freeman are too

FAT TONY! Boy is hustlin'. See him in a city near you. Do you have Rabdargab yet?

Kydd, Corey Kendrix and friend backstage at Warehouse Live

Two times for Jack Freeman

Me and the man Sascha Scoremorein the hizzy. Dude hipped me to these cookies, but I need the full info cuz yes, they are really great and in a plastic bag, bout to be crushed by buildings and such.

That's code.

Mookie Jones was in the house killing his early set. Man, straight up, its so great to see him on stage doing his thing, knowing I saw hm doing the exact same thing when he was a seriously little kid. Dude is living it.

It's in his blood, here's his father, the legendary Oran "Juice" Jones.

Rapid Ric wasn't really tripping.

Christolph of The Niceguys and Edica of the Nicegirls or something

OMG at DOMO! DJ Domo is the Dj for Scarface and the Geto Boys, and often for Devin the Dude and at times for Bun B, and well, this dude here has extreme history in the Houston hip-hop scene. Dating back to the days when he used to DJ Clubs with DJ Wiz, now the DJ for Aesop Rock. Anyway, if you know Domo, be sure to congratulate him. Dude did what many of us wish we could do. Look at the man! Congratulations brotha.

And here's N-Dex and Lyall, man straight up you can get that N-Dex mixtape mixed by Rapid Ric right here on AustinSurreal and you should! Dude just got back from the motherland, GHANA, and still came to the show.

Anyway I love going to shows and events in Houston. It's still SoReal.

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