Wednesday, January 5, 2011

N-Dex & Rapid Ric - "Ultra O.D."

Mayne hold up. Could Oklahoma have next? Probably not, but straight up, this unheralded region has some serious talent. Starting right here with the boy, N-Dex.

Hooking up with my lil bro Rapid Ric is always a good thing. I don't say that cuz he's fam, I say that cuz he's real and an extreme talent. The fact that Ric can do a tape with Chalie Boy one day, Trae another, and then N-Dex is a testament to his hip-hopitude, and I fill dat. Just like how I fill dis disc right here.

N-Dex is an MC from Ghana (that's in Africa, if ya dun know) who currently resides in Oklahoma. If that doesn't pique your interest, check out just one track and you'll want to hear more. Definitely fillin' this and you can have it for FREEEEE.

Click here to DOWNLOAD AND JAM - N-Dex & Rapid Ric - "Ultra O.D."

Hope to see N-Dex in Austin sometime soon.

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