Friday, April 1, 2011

Bavu Blakes! Freddie Gibbs! Big K.R.I.T.!

Maaaaaan, it really went down last night. I haven't been out really since SXSW, so long, long ago (in internets times), and this was a great night to get back in the mix.

The mans themselves. Freddie Gibbs and Big K.R.I.T. Pretty much the best doing it right now at this particular moment. Definitely catch them on this tour if you can.

But before we hit that show, had to hit an early set at the new ACL Live spot, for the AMP - Austin Music People Benefit show. Bavu Blakes played at 8:20 and SHUT IT DOWN!

After a really funny intro from Andy Langer and Matt Bearden, the crowd got whipped into a frenzy by Bavu Blakes & The Extra Plairs.

Bavu also being one of the very best to currently be doing it. His new stuff is off the chain. The last two shows he did in Austin he did with no band, so he just did brand new material no one has heard yet and still rocked the hell out of it.

Last night the Extra Plairs were KILLING the Bavu classics. Was so dope to see him again.

And on that ACL Stage, it's definitely one of, if not the finest stages in town. Great sound, everything.

I shoulda gone to see Devo there Sunday, OH WELL!. Also the beers were not too obnoxiously priced for such a place as this here.

Jimmy was in the MFin house.

I would have loved to have stayed, Brownout! was setting up just as I left. But alas, I wanted to see Freddie Gibbs and Big K.R.I.T.! Rolled out with workmates Alicia and Stacey and rushed to the Mohawk.

The show was real early, which is good and bad, so I missed a bit of Freddie but what I saw was jammin'.

Everytime I see/hear Freddie, I got to dig out my Midwest Mobstaz CD's and jam that real Midwest Gangsta shit.

Gibbs is really carrying the torch in a real way.

And everytime I hear Big K.R.I.T. I have to wonder if somehow Outkast and UGK Had a rappin' baby and let 8Ball & MJG mind it for a while.

That's K.R.I.T. Somehow he embodies and relays the best traits of real southern rap. Like all of them, in a real way.

DJ Wally Sparks is my man for YEARS! SO good to see him in Austin twice in two weeks!

Dude had way more energy than I expected, he came out and straight WRECKED!

Word to Mississippi, he done jumped in the crowd.

And jumped on the speaker. And no journalists tweeted about it. Like 2 weeks ago when these dudes were like, jumping off speakers and shit and people said it was the future of the music industry. Shut the fuck up. K.R.I.T. and Freddie are the PRESENT of the music industry. Y'all can't see the future, it's been proven many times before.

Any fuckin' how the show was dope. The world needs to recognize these dudes.

Maybe this interview here will put him over the top. Who knows.

Two great minds.

Needa make a full CD together.

Bavu Blakes and Wally Sparks in the house. Have you heard Bavu's "Eddie Long" song? Man, K.R.I.T. needs to get on that. Shit would be perfect.

Archie Bonkers and Rapid Ric! My bro'z!

More media and such.

Big Sant and Wally Sparks!

And then here's two dudes who used to spend waaaay too much time chatting online about the merits of UGK and the like. Back before it was cool to be all on the internet and bout that UGK. Back before Bun B had internet. Possibly.

My real brothers Rapid Ric and Bavu. So good to reunite with them both. This is at the UNOFFICIAL AFTER PARTY we had at Liberty Bar, in the back. Complete with Fried Beets and Fried chicken and some Belgian beer that was 8.2% and smelled like whiskey.

And this is Da Ryno's arm.

And this is Da Ryno with that strong ass beer. Also my brother.

Musical geniuses D.O.S. and D-Madness!

And then a dude with a hat made in Beaumont that I really want! I rocked a 45's hat for YEARS!

Two more musical madmen! Blaxsmith and Da Ryno!

So yeah, when are we all going to a Round Rock Express Game? See you at Art City this weekend?

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Kiana F. said...

I was at this show! Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, Freddie and KRIT tore it DOWN! This ended up being my 4th time seeing KRIT and it was like the first time all over again. I was beyond excited to see him perform cuts from Return of 4Eva, especially the R4 Theme and My Sub. It was a really, really great experience and I can't wait to see him again. These guys are the future, no question. Thanks for the great post, man!